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  1. kathryn

    Bouncy trouncy baby goats!

    It's a bit late for the music, but I thought these goats were so cute! I never knew goats were so bouncy! (May they inspire you to work out!). A GIGGLE with the GOATS Jingle Bells Holiday Performance - YouTube
  2. kathryn

    Organizing a 5k: any advice?

    I've taken on the task of helping organize a 5k for my local animal shelter and animal rescue groups (which I suggested in the first place), and was wondering if anyone here has experience in the organizational side of things and could give me some tips? I've participated in many 5ks, but as...
  3. kathryn

    BPM of Triset Upper-Body workout?

    Would love to know, as I'm planning on using the "no-music" option on this one and using my own music. TIA!
  4. kathryn

    What have I signed up for? Waivers!

    I signed up for a 5k called the "Goose Poop Challenge" (had to have one of those shirts!) that takes place tomorrow. Like most 5ks, there is a waiver to sign, but this one takes the cake. Rather than a couple of general sentences releasing them of all liability in case of injury to myself, or...
  5. kathryn

    LIS shoes?

    Cathe, What shoes are you all wearing in the LIS? Some of them look like they might work for racewalking (lower heel, flexible forefoot?). I'm liking the looks of the white ones in Afterburn and the black ones in another workout (I previewed several last night and can't remember which one it...
  6. kathryn

    Important info on 'natural' foods (watch)

    Cereal Crimes - YouTube
  7. kathryn

    I did it! Challenge completed!

    This past Saturday, I participated in a 5k (one of many this year). The next day, I decided that the weather isn't going to stay this nice for too long, so I should get in as much walking as I can before the weather turns bad and I end up going back to more indoor workouts. That vague goal...
  8. kathryn

    Another LOL kitty vid :)

    YouTube - ‪kitten vs TWO scary things (
  9. kathryn

    Dog runs 1/2 marathon!

    When his owners couldn't find Dozer, they had no idea he was running part of a 1/2 marathon. YouTube - ‪Dog-Gone Good: Goldendoodle Runs Half Marathon for Cancer Research‬‏ I think he looks both proud and a bit perplexed as he comes to the finish line, LOL!
  10. kathryn

    everyone should know about this

    Take 18 minutes to watch this video. Knowledge is power! YouTube - ‪TEDxAustin Robyn O'Brien 2011‬‏
  11. kathryn

    Cat speaks a 'foreign' language (LOL!)

    YouTube - ‪Cat gets caught barking by a human and resumes meowing‬‏
  12. kathryn

    photos from new workouts?

    Since it seems like phase 1 of the presale may be over before any clips are up, is there any chance of at least getting some photos from the workouts that would give us a better idea of what they will be like? TIA
  13. kathryn

    Low impact series clips? presale length?

    Will there be clips up of the workouts (or even photos) before this tier pricing expires?
  14. kathryn

    runners/fast walkers: help me with my training plan!

    Feedback, please! I just signed up for a 5k a week in May, and I want to plan my workouts/training to be able to do my best at the events. After the Illinois Marathon 5k, where a speedwalker I'd beaten in a 5k last year passed me around mile 2 1/2 and kept her lead the rest of the way, one of...
  15. kathryn

    Computer help! (facial recognition and logging in)

    My Dell computer (that I've had for close to a year) has a facial-recognition program on it for logging in, but also a password log-in option. For some reason, in the last couple of days, without my having changed anything, my touchpad now is disabled until the facial recognition recognizes...
  16. kathryn

    Interesting research on high-fructose corn sweetener

    According to research, consumption of HFCS causes 48% more weight gain than consumption of regular sugar:
  17. kathryn

    LOL for the day: pugs.
  18. kathryn

    Security problems on this site?

    A message just popped up on my computer saying Internet Explorer just stopped this site from downloading a file onto my computer. Never had that happen before. Anyone else get this warning?
  19. kathryn


    Just wanted to share some pics of some necklaces I made (the first ones are the contest necklace from before, the others, more recent creations. I made the red set this past weekend). One of my faves is the long chain and link necklace (in the red set)...
  20. kathryn

    OMG, this is SOOO funny!

    Check out these photos of 'animals looking stoned' on