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    STS No Pull-Ups?

    I have a Rogue pull up system but long story short, even with pull-up assistance bands, pull-ups and I don't get along. Has anyone done STS without pull-ups and chin-ups? What exercises did you sub in? Meso 1 just has so many of! TIA!
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    Streaming Services besides Cathe Live?

    Okay, enablers. Inspired by 112toGuru's thread about workout programs, I am thinking about expanding my workout streaming horizons. I LOVE Cathe Live and will keep that forever. I also use free YouTube videos. For even more variety, I've been toying with Kelly Coffey Meyer's paid RAW streaming...
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    Live Request: "You Can Do Anything For A Minute" Live - The Sequel!

    Love the original You Can Do Anything For A Minute from Apr 21, 2016. A Part 2, new version of this Live would be amazing. Please!
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    Teeter Inversion Table

    Any thoughts on the Teeter Inversion Table? I am considering the Limited 3 Model. It would be used to help with low back pain, shoulder, and neck pain. I'm open to considering other brands if the consensus is that inversion actually helps alleviate tightness and pain. Or is it all just hype...
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    Cathe's Fitness Room Makeover

    Love the new sassy bright coat of paint in the Four Seasons Gym group fitness room! Plus I am glad the clock is back. I missed it during Pump Party Live last week, not that I count down the minutes during Cathe workouts. I just like having it there. :)
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    Tall & Thin workout clothing?

    Does anyone know of a website or store that sells workout clothing sized for tall and slender people? My friend's 15 year old daughter does Cross Fit and is 6 feet tall, quite slim. All the workout pants (leggings) that are long enough fall down because the waist is too big, and the long sleeve...
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    Athletic Flooring Thickness

    We are getting athletic flooring installed in our workout room. It is 1/2 inch thick, made of the darker colored, rubberized material used in gyms, and it will be custom fit for our space. My question is whether 1/2 inch thickness is enough? Do we need to go with thicker flooring (that's what I...
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    Tempur-Pedic Mattress

    My DH and I need a new mattress. We are leaning towards a Tempur-Pedic. It would be our first memory foam mattress. It feels great in the store, but will it feel so great 1 year, 2 years...8 years from now? They have a 10 year guarantee but so did our previous coil/spring mattress which has...
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    The One Video Every Woman Needs to Watch (GGS)

    Just watched this video and I applaud its empowering, and also grounding, message. It's 11 mins long, so you may not have time for the whole thing. My favorite part is between time index 5:25-6:15, so I'd recommend you watch just that 50 secs if you're short on time. If you do watch, post...
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    Most viewed Cathe Live workout?

    Hi SNM, just curious if you can tell us which 2 or 3 of all the Cathe Live workouts have been viewed the most? I don't know if you can track that or not, but I've just been wondering... Cathletes: which Cathe Live workout is your go-to? My number 1 Cathe Live is Strong UB with Core...
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    Rep count--do you like surprises or do you want to know the number?

    In Cathe's 10/29/15 Mish Mosh Legs Live workout she said something that got me thinking. During the alternating pulsing reverse lunges, she said "I'm not going to tell you how many we have left because I want you to focus on the muscle and not the number." (I'm paraphrasing.) My...
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    October 2015 Fit Mommas Check-in

    Hiya, Roz! Just starting up our new thread for Oct 1 tomorrow. :)
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    September 2015 Fit Mommas Check-in

    Just prepping us for tomorrow! Lisa :)
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    August 2015 Fit Mommas Check-in

    Hi Roz! Great workouts for you! What has been your overall impression of the programs so far? What is your favorite aspect of what you've been doing lately (like just having fun with it, or seeing results in certain areas)? Just curious! ;) We've been sick over here (simple colds), so...
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    Sugar! To eat or not to eat?

    I'm not talking about eating sugar with reckless abandon, but I've recently been toying with the idea of doing a sugar detox of sorts, maybe Whole 30 or something along those lines. The focus would be on eliminating added sugars, not naturally occurring sugars in otherwise healthful whole...
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    July 2015 Fit and Patriotic Mommas Check-in

    Hi Roz! Starting us off for the month. Should be a good one! Here's hoping your month began with the "worst [in a prideful way because you killed it on those squats and LWF2 workout] DOMS of the year" minus the "what the heck/this better not be PF" foot pain. :) Are you doing okay today...
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    June 2015 TTC/Fit Mommas Check-in

    Hi Roz! JUNE? What?????? Well, at least we're ready for it in terms of our check-in! I hope it's OK that I took the liberty of changing our thread title again. I don't know how long I can claim postpartum status so I figured I may as well call us what we are--fit mommas! I was going to...
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    May 2015 TTC/PP Check-in

    Roz! Surprise! A new month and a new title for our check-in. ;) Loving your workouts, and rocking the Nia plan even in a hotel whilst on vacation? You are my hero (as if you didn't know that). Can't believe you finished the rotation!!! High fives! Woot woot woot! Celebration time...
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    The Cathe Forums Like Button?

    This has probably already been asked and answered, so forgive me for being a Technology Cavewoman... I've never used the Like button on the forums because I always assumed it was linked to Facebook accounts and I'm not on Facebook (never intend to be). Am I wrong on this? There are so many...
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    April 2015 Pregnancy/TTC Check-in

    Just getting us all set for the start of a new month! :) Lisa