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    The Viper Workout - WOW!!

    Hello, this week I am doing some of the older workouts and The Viper is very tough. I did it 2 years ago and it did not get easy!! LOL Anyway, it was so much fun and yes, very challenging. Just wanted to le you all know if you want to do an "oldie but goodie". It is this DVD, which brings...
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    Perfect 30 Flexibility - how often?

    I just love the new Perfect 30 Flexibility exercises and exactly what I need. Cathe mentions on the video that to do the program at least 1 time per week but I was just wondering to really get "flexible", how many times per week would be appropriate? Thanks!
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    Has anyone had a vitrectomy for Macular Pucker of the eye?

    Hello, eye doctor told me that I have scar tissue in the gel-like substance that fills our eyes and the only way to remove it having surgery - vitrectomy. This surgery is a 30 minute out-patient procedure (local anesthesia), where they go into that gel-like area of the eye and remove the scar...
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    Tinnitus - has anybody ever had this?

    I have tinnitus for the first time and it seems like there's nothing I can take to stop the sound. I went to my ENT yesterday and he did extensive tests, even cleaned out the ear with the problem (just slight hearing loss in the impaired ear but nothing that would require a hearing aid). So...
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    Oldie But Definitely a Goodies - Body Max!!

    Wow, I haven't done Body Max in a long time. This is a tough workout but so much fun. If you haven't done it in a while, try it and if you don't have this workout, I would definitely get it. It comes with 2 other workouts - Power Hour and Maximum Intensity Strength which are both very awesome...
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    Rotation Suggestions (my creation)

    Hello Cathlete, I'm putting together my first rotation that I created but I need your input and expertise to make sure it's a safe one and one that will be results (muscle definition and muscle increase). Ok, here goes - this is for one month and then repeat it for two more months - I will do...
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    Older - Low Impact Step was so much fun

    I ordered this DVD and even though I practically have all of Cathe's step DVD, this one was so much fun. It did get my heart rate up and so easy to follow. Don't let the word "beginner" in the description fool you, I'm an advanced exerciser and found this routine very nice. If you don't have...
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    1 Month Rotations or 2+ Month Rotations?

    Hello, I love Cathe's monthly rotations and some I use and some I don't. Just wondering if any of you get better results doing Cathe's 1 Month Rotations, therefore getting different workouts every month or better results doing programs like STS, X-Train or rotations created by members that are...
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    Cardio Fusion!!! Wow!!!

    I thought I had every single of Cathe's DVDs, but nope, I saw "Cardio Fusion" decided to order and OMG, I love it, all cardio but very intense and fun. I love the different exercise segments in this DVD. No dread factor at all. If you don't have this DVD and want pure cardio, I highly...
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    Heart Rate Change - Worried

    Hello, I've noticed lately when I do one of my workouts - step or weight work - my heart rate is higher than it was before. In other words, I am doing the same workout, same time, normally I don't eat (never have) and now my heart rate is higher doing the same workout. It doesn't go over my...
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    September 2018 Rotation??

    Would the September rotation be posted next Monday, Sept. 10 instead? Thanks.
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    Metabolic Workouts DVD List

    Hello, I just want to put together a list of all of Cathe's Metabolic workouts - please add if I missed any or let me know if any of the following are not metabolic workouts. Thanks everyone for your help, truly appreciate it. :-) 1. Afterburn 2. To The Max 3. Crossfire 4. Athletic...
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    Opinion on job interview

    Hello, just wanted to get all of your opinion about pursuing a new job. I will be 60 years old in October and I have been working at my current job for 15 years and I'm still employed there. I sent my resume to this company and to make a long story short, I have an interview with them. I am...
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    Rhythmic Step - Awesome

    Hello, I purchased Rhythmic Step about 3-4 weeks ago and I just love it. It did take me a while to get all those routines but once you get them, it is so much fun. This one has a lot of intricate steps and would only recommend for the advanced "stepper". Cathe, as in all her videos, gives...
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    Hello, I went to website to order the Medium Tension Loop and the Long Tension Resistance Band on June 5. The charge showed up on my checking account but then it just dropped and I sent them an e-mail asking for the status and have not received a response. Has anybody ordered from...
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    Where is Lorraine?

    I haven't seen Lorraine in any of the latest exercise videos; as well as Cedie - miss them both.
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    Circuit Max and Pure Strength

    Hello Cathletes, which DVD can I use to replace Circuit Max and Pure Strength? I have most of Cathe's DVDs except these and I wanted to do this older rotation that has these DVDs. Is Circuit Max similar to ????? and Pure Strength is similar to ?????. Thanks for any help I appreciate it.
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    Best Cathe workout for strength training/muscle definition?

    Hello, I believe the answer to this is somewhere in these forums (yes, I'm lazy to look it up :)) Which of the following programs is best to strengthen muscle and increase muscle definition, this is what I'm thinking: STS (90 day program) X-Train (90 day program) Low Impact Series Gym Style...
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    Hating Hammer & Chisel from Beach Body

    Hello, I purchased Hammer & Chisel and just not enjoying it at all. There is leg work every single day; hardly any tricep/bicep exercises; I don't feel like I'm getting a good workout because most of them are very, very short - there is a cardio workout that is 15 minutes but not that intense...