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    Good deal? Found these weights on craigslist

    I’ve been on the hunt for heavier weights. Still going to get power block dumbbells, but I’m looking at this today. For all you experienced weight lifters, is this a good price?
  2. J

    Adjustable Dumbbell Recommendation

    Hi, I’m on the lookout for an adjustable weight set that goes up to 50+ pounds. I’m ready to graduate from the weights I have, and I’m getting tired of holding pairs of weights together (definitely not safe). I know Bowflex sells a set, but I heard their CS isn’t the best. If you have a set of...
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    Wow! Awesome Series!

    Cathe, you outdid yourself with the LITE series. I love the fun music and fresh moves. It’s so easy to turn it up a notch or keep it low impact. I also appreciate that you don’t take time out of the workouts to teach moves. You explain as you go, and that keeps the workouts moving. No time for...
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    Tried Body Pump at the

    It wasn’t Cathe at all! I signed up for a body pump class at a local gym. It is on Sat mornings at 8:30. My neighbor was going to go with me too, but on the first day, she backed out(reminder #1 why I just do Cathe workouts). I arrived 10 min early. Big mistake! I was the last one to arrive...
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    Ordered FitTower

    I just came back from my annual physical. Everything is great. My dr days to keep exercising (I noticed some slight arthritis in my fingers). I just ordered the Fit Tower as a gift to myself. Thanks, Cathe, for keeping me moving and keeping me healthy. As a side note, I've finally started to...
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    So Confused About What to/What Not to eat

    I am struggling... I need your help. You're a super knowledgeable and down-to-earth group, so I'm hopeful to gain some clarity. I'm 5'1", and I'm a 42-year old pear shape gal whose pear (and stem, and tree) keeps growing. It's not the exercise. I LOVE to exercise. It makes me feel great. I...
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    BOD All-Access

    There has been a lot of chat lately about Core de Force and TJ on this forum. For anyone who is interested, Beachbody just started an all-access pass for their on demand service. Since my husband enjoys the workouts, we upgraded. We now have full access to all their workouts plus any new ones...
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    Any way to sort through Live workouts?

    I subscribe to Cathe Live. My workout time is about 45 min each morning...before everyone is awake and I have to get ready for work. Is there a way to sort through the Live workouts to see most recent or workout length? I want to make the most of my time. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using...
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    Monat Haircare?

    Has anyone heard of Monat Haircare products? My friend raved about them. I can't find any online reviews from people who don't sell the products. I'm hoping to find an honest review here. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Peloton Spin Workout App

    You have got to try this app! My sister just bought a Peloton spin bike and has been raving about the spin workouts. I have a plain Jane Sunny bike, and should use it more. I find most spin workouts to be boring and repetitive, so I don't do them. Anyway, I was curious so I searched for these...
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    Lara Bar Recipe

    If you love Lara Bars, you'll love this simple recipe. I roll the "dough" into balls and place them back in the date container. I put them in the fridge and eat one or two for a snack or anytime you need some energy. The base is always Medjool dates, but you can experiment with different...
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    Great find at Costco

    I bought a box of Kodiak Cakes Protein Packed Flapjack and Waffle mix the other night. It was on sale for 9.99 (I think). I made my family some pancakes this morning, and they gobbled them up. They were delicious. I just tried the recipe on the box for protein oatmeal bars, and they are so good...
  13. J

    Body Weight Series

    I'd love to see a series that focuses on using body weight for resistance, using some yoga and Pilates moves.
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    I've been around for years. I'm super busy with have 3 little boys and with teaching, so I don't always post. I read posts often, though. I keep seeing things on fb about Isagenix cleansing systems after friending a rep. The posts on fb seem kind of scary (for ex: one poster wrote, "I cleansed...
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    Garcinia Cambosia???

    Hi! Does anyone know the real deal with these diet pills? I am NOT into diet pills at all, but I became curious when a co-worker was bragging about them yesterday. Not curious, as in I want to try them, more of a skeptical curiousness. 5 of my co-workers followed her into her classroom to see...
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    How to Get Cathe Workouts on MFP

    Hi! After I became friends with some members from here, on Myfitnesspal, I noticed that some people are able to list their workouts by name. For example, it says, "So and so burned ____ calories by doing Afterburn." How do I do that? When I use MFP, I don't see the option to put my own exercises...
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    Reunited with CTX!

    I took advantage of the DOD last week and purchased CTX. I used to have the videos years ago, but sold them when I started to buy DVDs. I did Step & Intervals today, and it was like getting back on a bike after not riding for a while. My brain automatically remembered so many moves. It was so...
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    New Find...Awesome Online Spin Classes

    I just got a spin bike, and I did order both of Cathe's spin DVDs, but they haven't arrived yet. I know I can download them, but I like to have the actual DVD. I was so anxious to use my bike, so I looked for online spin classes. I found They have previews, little clips of...
  19. J

    Spin Bike?

    I am looking for a good spin bike for home use. Used/new...doesn't matter ad long as it is good quality. I don't have a ton to spend. For all of you who have a spin bike, what would you recommend? Thanks! -Jen
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    Just Got XTrain!

    I live in Harrisburg, PA, and I just checked my was there! I was one of the later preorders. It came by USPS Priority Mail. I'm so excited!!! There is a thick user's guide with it too, and all the DVDs came in one case. As soon as I get back inside from playing with my boys in the...