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  1. Pedmom

    Max Intensity Strength & other older dvds

    I did this one this morning for the first time in a LONG time. I still love and do the oldies but goodies frequently. However, my picture is SO blurry. Are all of the older ones like that and I just didn't notice when I had a lesser quality television? I know they weren't filmed in HD, but even...
  2. Pedmom

    DVD chronological order

    Does anyone know where I can find the chronological order of when each DVD was released? The nerd in me wants to arrange my DVDs in date order, but I can't find a listing. If I go to the shop and try to list them by oldest or newest, it does not work. (It's obvious that it's wrong). Thanks!
  3. Pedmom

    DVDs updated?

    I pulled out an older dvd today (from the Intensity Series) and was surprised how much it bothered me that it doesn't fit right on my HD screen. It's small. If I change the aspect ratio, it's really weird looking. If I ordered a new one (or the whole series), have they been updated at all...
  4. Pedmom

    For Mods: old dvds

    I pulled out an older dvd today (from the Intensity Series) and was surprised how much it bothered me that it doesn't fit right on my HD screen. It's small. If I change the aspect ratio, it's really weird looking. If I ordered a new one, have they been updated at all to fit the 16:9 ratio?
  5. Pedmom

    Where is the 90 day xTrain rotation?

    I thought I saw one on the rotations available for downloading to the calendar in workout manager, but now I only see a 30 day one. Was I dreaming? I think there has to be more than just "30 day strength only" available?
  6. Pedmom

    Livestream videos

    Watched a bit tonight-how cool is that?! Thanks Cathe and everyone who makes these incredible gifts to us Cathletes possible! Is there a time limit or expiration as to how long they are available? I am looking forward to reliving the excitement of those workouts at home. :) Thank you again!
  7. Pedmom

    Ziploc Bags

    I am probably worrying about nothing, but I just pulled out my box of Ziploc brand gallon size baggies. Seriously? Short, shirt, bra, undies, and socks are never going to all fit in there. Is there a bigger size baggie that I don't know about??
  8. Pedmom

    THE List

    Does anyone have a link to that great list of things to bring? I remember seeing it before Chicago but now I'm not sure where it is. This is my first trip to the gym so I know I need to bring/pack different things.
  9. Pedmom

    One Month From Today

    We road trippers will be getting our booty's kicked on the long day of the trip. :) Can't wait!!!
  10. Pedmom

    Making workouts show up on Facebook

    I would like my daily workouts to show up on my Facebook page as I see others' do. How do I link my Facebook account here so that it works? Thanks in advance for the help! ETA:I did search for posts on this, but I only find problem threads, not an instruction on how to set it up.
  11. Pedmom

    DVD Quality Erosion?

    Does this happen? I was really bummed today to find Power Hour + has finally gotten to the point of blurriness beyond what I can stand to look at. It isn't scratched up or warped, it's just really blurry. Very unlike the newer workouts I have. Is this normal? Is there a way to prevent it...
  12. Pedmom

    Where is the Chicago Itinerary?

    I would swear in court that I saw one and now I can't find it! I found some chatter about it, and saw a little blurb that said there will be no step. No step? :confused::mad::confused::mad::confused::mad: How can that be?????? Anyway, if anyone has a link to a preliminary itinerary, please...
  13. Pedmom

    Shopping for Cathe Gear During the RT?

    I was wondering if SNM will be bringing products to the road trip in Lake Geneva in April? There are a few clothing items I am interested in, but I don't like ordering online because of sizing differences. I also may be interested in purchasing a weighted vest but would like to see it first. And...
  14. Pedmom

    Clarisonic Cleansers and Lotion

    I am another one that purchased a Clarisonic Mia after reading all of the raves at this site. I have been using the Gentle Hydro Cleanser and really like it, but I'm wondering if there is a moisturizing lotion to use after the cleanser. I don't see anything on Clarisonic's site. Does anyone...
  15. Pedmom

    Chronological order of dvd release dates?

    Cathe fans- is there a list anywhere that lists all of Cathe's dvds in order of their release date? I looked on the shop cathe section and you can have them list in either oldest or newest order, but it's not right.
  16. Pedmom

    Help Needed With Rotation Substitution

    I'm doing Cathe's Sept 2009 rotation right now. Here are the ones on the rotation I don't have, along with what I thought I could substitute for it: Pure Strength Legs & Abs (Slow & Heavy Legs & Shoulders) Pure Strength Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps (Slow & Heavy Chest & Back) Pure...
  17. Pedmom

    Deal of the Day

    Can someone please link me to where I find this each day? I can't find it here or on the Facebook page. Thank you!
  18. Pedmom


    Does anyone know why SNM's shipping is so very high? I was going to order one of the Deal of the Day dvds, but with shipping ONE dvd at $11.98, it's not a good deal at all. I ship Priority Mail via USPS and it's only $4.75! :(
  19. Pedmom

    Low Impact Challenge vs. Athletic Step

    I'm still not getting LIC. AS is on sale this week-can anyone give me a comparison? I much prefer easier, less dancy step. I want to keep step in my routine so I would appreciate opinions on if Athletic Step seems easier to learn than LIC?
  20. Pedmom

    Progress Using LIS

    I started doing the LIS (only) rotation 11/1. It's the first time I've ever committed to a rotation that someone else created. I also took measurements for the first time. I have lost 58 pounds since 12/2010 and as of 11/1 had 21.5 pounds to get to goal. As of yesterday, halfway through the...