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    Road Trip Itinerary

    Cathe, will any of the workouts be streamed for those of us who couldn't make it, or who didn't get in? Last year they weren't, I believe due to copyright issues with the music, but maybe this year will be different! Just thought I'd ask.
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    Cathe Live Suggestions

    Full body workouts, metabolic, spin sculpt type, etc I would like to see full body workouts, along with metabolic type workouts. Also, maybe a spin sculpt type type of workout -- on the bike for a few minutes, then get off to do a bit of muscle work, then back on the bike, something like that.
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    Post your pre-sale questions here

    Will the workouts be easy to learn like XTRAIN? Hi Cathe, how complicated will the choreography be for the dancy step? Pretty easy to learn? I tend to have 2 left feet, but I have picked up your other workouts so far, so I'm sure this will be the same!!!! Also, when should we be expecting...
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    Can anyone recommend an OTC appetite suppressant?

    I just had a colonoscopy done in February. Not too bad -- not eating all day and drinking clear liquids is easier than you think. To this day I still have not had chicken broth. You can have Gatorade (as long as it isn't red), Jello, Lemonade, Chicken/veggie/beef broth, Apple Juice, Popsicles...
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    Feelfitwear available on Glassboro RT

    Hi, what sizes are available? I wear a medium... Will there be any mediums available?
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    Road Trip Sunday Breakfast Change

    U meant omlets, darn spell check!
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    Road Trip Sunday Breakfast Change

    Yum!! I'd like to try real oatmeal, but made to order inlets are a weakness...
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    Introductions and Getting To Know Each Other

    Hello Catheletes!!!! A Photo (attachment on this forum -so cool!) Me at the Baysox! Name / Forum Name: Kathy Lapinski / kbltater2 Email Address / FB Address (not necessary - can pm for privacy) [email protected] Previous Road Trips This will be my first! Where you're from and...
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    Power tower

    I was wondering,also!
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    When is the new tower from Altus goingto be available?

    I would like a tower like the one used in STS series, but they aren't available anymore. I understand the tower is being redesigned. When will it be available?
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    MAY 2013 Get In Shape for Summer (con'd)

    I am gonna like this rotation! This looks like a good one!
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    Cardio leg blast extreme

    Okay, you all have challenged me -- I will have to try Cardio Leg Blast Extreme, 1-2, then 1-6 PLUS 100 rep hip thrusts!!! I DID do my own version of Cardio Leg Blast extreme by accident -- I did 1-8, then I couldn't remember where I left off, so I started over! Boy, that was hard (I have since...
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    Glassboro RT Facebook group.

    Could u please add Kathy Lapinski to the 2013 FB road trip pg? Thx!
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    Glassboro RT Facebook group.

    Hi, could u please add Kathy Lapinski to the 2013 road trip FB pg? Thx!