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    What's a girl gotta do to....

    I'm checking out retiring!!! :p
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    I am officially 3 years into menopause - and still take a product from Vitacost called phytoestrogen ultra. I was extremely lucky that I had 0 night sweats, but as many of you have experienced, I don't sleep well at all. Meditation and yoga help a lot, but I need to be consistent. Hard to do...
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    Are there any other good step workouts not by Cathe

    I love Kelly Coffey Meyer ( - she has kickboxing and step-kickboxing routines that are a lot of fun and if you are short on time, can do 30 min workouts. Her routines are broken down and not complex in these videos. She has a couple of step videos that are grrrr-inspiring!
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    Let's talk books!

    I love Nelson Demille and Greg Iles as well. The General's Daughter (the book, not the movie) was fantastic as well as Plum Island. Nelson Demille makes me laugh out loud in some places. When I want a cheesy quick read, I go for Sue Grafton and her alphabet series with Kinsey Milhone. I...
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    So Confused About What to/What Not to eat

    I have been following Jade Teta for awhile for his nutrition advice - he talks a LOT about eating for the different phases of our lives as women. I really like his style.
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    Our Fitness Blog Receives Another Award

    Congratulations, you put a lot of thought into the articles and deserve the awards!
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    I feel the same way!! I'm so happy to have this set...
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    Suggestions for a Comeback - I need your opinion

    Yes, agree with everyone -may I add that if you explore the premixes on the DVD's that you have, you'll find some great ones to get back into a rhythm of working out. Like IMAX3 has a 30 minute step only (no blasts) premix that I used to get back into working out. And Low Max - if you have that...
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to you! Ellen in Philadelphia where's it's 71 and raining (on Christmas Eve - so freakin' bizarre)
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    So… which ICE workout did you do first?

    Why are you sad if you really liked it :) I did the Rock M Sock M - it was great fun!
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    Rock m Sock M

    Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed doing this workout this morning - I did Premix 4 - the workout with the Blizzard Blast (no icy core) and I like how the punching combos are mixed in with the cardio and the entire flow of the workout was perfect! There are some new moves in this one that I...
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    Yoga Warrior or The Ultimate Yoga DVD Set?

    Grrrrrr. If I could just wait for some DVD's I would spend so much less :( :eek:
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    Yoga Warrior or The Ultimate Yoga DVD Set?

    I have both, and prefer the Rudy Metea/ YW one over the Travis guy. Travis creeps me out a little with his drawn out 'downward dooooooooooooooooooggggggg'. They are all 45-60 min long, keep in mind that a yoga studio session is that long, too. The videos and yoga sessions always flies by for me...
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    KICKBOXING DVD Suggestions

    I also enjoy KCM Step Kickboxing for a little different spin :)
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    Yoga DVD? ADVANCED- Power or Vinyasa?

    Another plug for UY - except for the 108 sun salutations :) And then my yoga studio did it for New Years. Ohmigosh.
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    Low Back Stiffness

    Hey Blakcat - I have the same issue with my back, too, I think it's all the embedded core/stabilization that is going on in the workout. I'm 18 months from two herniated disks and still rebuilding myself, too. I took a day off and did Low Max and felt fine the next day. We just have to listen to...
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    Video Clip of Low Impact HiiT Two

    :)OHMIGOSH, this looks like so much fun!!!! This may be the first one I try...
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    recommendation for strength training w/o for seniors?

    Does your Mom have access to Silver Sneakers? I know our local Y has some awesome sitting weight programs, as does our local township fitness center. And with SS it's all free or very low cost :)
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    I can't wait, but DH doesn't get it...

    My darling hubbie of over 20 years gets it and encourages me to order whenever a pre-sale comes up with Cathe, I am truly blessed :D
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    Time Saving Workouts?

    share! share! I love short workout rotations...:p