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  1. Skyy2

    Fit Mammas Sept 14-20

    Hi Mamas... Wanted to start us off for the new week.:D Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!! Well got up early this a.m and ran a 10k!! It felt soooooo nice to finish it and just rested the rest of the day. :) Tried to talk hubby into doing Insanity with me, but couldn't. He has...
  2. Skyy2

    Anyone lost a lot of weight??

    Good morning everyone I am hoping that someone can help me. I am determined to lose 50 lbs, but I don't know the best way to go about it. Has any one lost a lot of weight here in Cathe land? And if you have; how did you do it? I have been physically fit in the past and I am just getting...
  3. Skyy2

    What do you think about....

    Attachment Parenting? good or bad I never knew that the way I raised my boys had a name for it until I was leafing through a book at Borders. There are websites and communities about it. my hubby doesn't totally agree with some of the attachment tools; like bed sharing and baby weaing...
  4. Skyy2

    Annissa Abigail

    Hello everyone!!! After 20 years of longing/praying for.... After 5 years of fertility treatments.... After almost losing hope..... My husband and I would like to introduce you to Annissa Abigail... Our long awaited daughter!!!! Thank you all for your support during the last 7 months..
  5. Skyy2


    Just testing my new Avitar.