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  1. BlakKat

    Sneakers for Plantar Fasciitis

    Looking for any recommendations for brand of sneakers anyone has liked that has had plantar fasciitis. I've been going to physical therapy to do exercises & get foot taped. He suggested shoes with better arch support since I have flat feet while we are waiting for the inserts to arrive for the...
  2. BlakKat

    Boss Loops Glutes & Corr A+++

    I was so excited to start with this DVD & I was not disappointed!!! I enjoyed this workout so much from start to end!!! I loved everything about it; the music, the backdrop, the outfits, the crew, the exercises & most of all...the new bands!!! They don't roll, slide up or down, or twist - they...
  3. BlakKat

    Love the calendar!!!

    Thank you Cathe for another beautiful calendar. The pictures are always beautiful & I love the personal little notes at the bottom of each page. My favorites are always your food pics, smoothie recipes, & January rotation! I am extra excited for this January's rotation as it is the "Perfectly...
  4. BlakKat

    Yoga Strength & Flexibility Gold Star!

    Let me start by saying I have never liked yoga. I am that person that likes extremely tough workouts (most of the time). Intense cardio & heavy weights; so I feel like I worked really hard. Not that yoga moves are easy, they are not easy at all, but for me being a Type A personality my mind...
  5. BlakKat

    Low Impact HIIT+Timesaver Mobility Basics Strength premix A++++++

    WOOHOO! I absolutely love this HIIT workout! Right from the start I was breathing heavy, my legs were burning & it's my favorite Cathe song so I was in the zone. I chose this one today because I knew the Rear Lunge into Forward Hop Squats (from Cathe's recent Live Metabolic Lower Body) were in...
  6. BlakKat

    Lower Body+LB Bonus+Ext Stretch+Core Review

    I was surprised I got my DVDs so quick! My back was stiff & talking to me when I got up so I wasn't going to work out until I saw these in my mailbox! I probably should of done one of the yoga/mobility DVDs but I was really curious about the leg w/o. At first, I thought a half hour wouldn't be...
  7. BlakKat

    Will there still be Live next few weeks?

    Just saw the update from NJ Governor that gyms will temporarily close effective tonight at 8 pm. A lot of businesses will suffer, I just hope everyone stays safe & healthy so we can get through this soon! Take care Cathe, crew & Cathletes!!!
  8. BlakKat

    PHA 3+Ab Stacker

    This workout is the main reason I purchased the entire set since I don't love step cardio but I will do anything Cathe puts out & I knew I wanted this one plus the bonus abs & extended stretches. I am so happy I did-it does not dissappoint!!! Same as Cathe's other PHA's, alternating between...
  9. BlakKat

    Which Stranded Island Kitchen Appliance?

    If you were stranded on an Island (that had electric of course), which one would you pick? I went a little crazy during the Black Friday sales & couldn't make up my mind. I will be returning 1 because I really don't like my counter top cluttered & have small cabinets. I needed a new blender &...
  10. BlakKat

    Plant-based suggestions please

    I would love to start incorporating more plant-based meals, maybe 1 dinner a week until I get some easy recipes down that I like. I have done a few of the Nourishing Guru's programs, but I never stay on them afterwards due to boredom. Does anyone have any suggestions of a blog, website, app...
  11. BlakKat

    Be Safe from Dorian!

    Please be safe to all Cathletes and family in Dorian's path!
  12. BlakKat

    Happy Birthday Cathe!

    Happy Birthday Cathe & thank you for being such an inspiration to all of us! Have an awesome birthday weekend!!!:)
  13. BlakKat

    Help with a rotation

    Just wondering if any Cathletes out there had any suggestions for me...Hubby and I want to do a 3 month rotation that includes our favorite series (RWH, STS, XT and S&S). We will do 6 days a week consisting of weights & cardio. In addition to the cardio in these programs, there are some...
  14. BlakKat

    Pyramid Pump Lower A+++

    Another winner for me that I know I will be using often. This is such an awesome selection of exercises using the pyramid system. I really felt each in my glutes & I'm sure I will be sore tomorrow:) On the step ups I was thinking I probably could of gone up 1 increment strength wise, but the...
  15. BlakKat

    *Stacked Upper Body* A+++

    Hubby & I absolutely LOVE this workout! It covers all upper body in a short time that flies by. It is in the form of Giant Sets consisting of 6 exercises. Starts with Chest/Tri, then shoulders & finishes with Back/Bi. So you do the 6 exercises for that muscle grouping & then repeat those same...
  16. BlakKat

    Metabolic Blast+6 Pack Abs 2+Extended Stretch

    A+! It was hard to pick which one to do first so I had my husband pick since he was doing it also. And it's hard to remember all the moves after only doing it once, but I do remember enjoying it & loving the moves. We both started out w/same weight as Cathe since they are new moves to learn...
  17. BlakKat

    So excited...order placed - anyone else?

    Thank you Cathe for asking for feedback and reading everyone's suggestions. After reading the details I am even more excited for this series than before. It sounds amazing! There's usually one workout in a series that I think I won't use as much as the others, but these descriptions for each...
  18. BlakKat

    Mixed Impact Cardio+Pull Day

    Fit Split Flames were back today! All my muscle groups in this one totally got burnt! The cardio segment is a mix of intensity (some were easier & some really wind you) with familiar and new moves. Cathe always soon as I thought "wait don't let that one be done, I just got it", she...
  19. BlakKat

    Boxing Bootcamp+Legs&Glutes+bonus Abs

    This workout is on fire-hot fire!!! Hubby and I absolutely LOVED every second of it! My heart rate never came down for any of it. Since the equipment needed is listed on back of DVD cover, I had everything out and close by so after the boxing segment I only had to pause for a quick minute to...
  20. BlakKat

    Fit Split arrived today

    Wow-that has to be the fastest ever - thank you so much Cathe & crew - such an awesome surprise today when I got home! Now, the tough decision of which one to do first in the morning! Love how all the details are listed out again on the back of DVD case!