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  1. wendybdh

    I just had a complete meltdown! Help!!

    Tonight I made my 5yo daughter dinner (mac n cheese) and she just threw a tantrum because she wanted the xtreme mac n cheese instead. Anyway, after arguing with her for about an hour I completely blew up. I started screaming at the top of my lungs and finally I threw the container of mac n...
  2. wendybdh

    Garage gyms

    We have a 3 car garage and one car "stall" is dedicated to my workout area. I have plenty of space but it's still just a garage. So for those of you with garage workout areas that you share with cars, lawn mowers, etc. what do you do to make it feel like more of a workout room and less of a...
  3. wendybdh

    Friend who was nicer when I was fat...

    I have a 6 1/2 month old and have been working really hard to get my body backand am close to having the abs I've always wanted. One of my good friends was much nicer to me when I was pregnant and weighed more. I feel frustrated and am not the type to make mean comments back to her. But, she...
  4. wendybdh

    What kind of apples are best?

    I am so tired of buying apples and getting home only to find out they are grainy textured, bitter or mushy. I love honey crisp apples but they are out of season and I need suggestions. I like them to be crunchy and sweet. Any ideas?
  5. wendybdh

    Which downloads are easiest to use at the gym?

    I have all of Cathe's DVD's and I'm trying to decide if there are any downloads that would be really be suited for use at the gym. I thought about Gym Styles or even Butts and Guts but I just can't decide and wasn't sure if there are any others that would be good for taking with me. Any ideas?
  6. wendybdh

    Need a good credit card

    The Visa credit card my DH and I have doesn't earn us anything. I just think that if I'm going to have a credit card I might as well have one that we can get something from. I was thinking about something with flyer miles, or even Disney. Any suggestions?
  7. wendybdh

    100 pushup challenge

    To those of you planning on doing this, how are you planning on getting there? I love this idea but need a game plan. Are you setting goals along the way? I just started STS Strength/Shock Cardio 3 month rotation so I'd like to know how to work this in too.
  8. wendybdh

    Breast Question

    I just had a baby on October 12 and did not nurse. There is a small lump on my nipple about the size of a pencil eraser. I was a tad concerned but thought maybe it was just from the changes of pregnancy even though I didn't nurse. Then tonight I pressed on the area and a small amount of blood...
  9. wendybdh

    3 day circuit split

    How about doing a 3 day circuit split such as: 1 - step circuit with chest back 2 - hi/lo circuit with bicep tricep shoulders 3- interval circuit with legs
  10. wendybdh

    Death threats! Need advice.

    A friend of mine has now received 3 phone calls over the past 3 weeks from a man threatening to rape her and slit her throat and describes them in a MUCH more profane language than that. Anyway, she filed a police report and they told her they can't do much until he attacks her since they can't...
  11. wendybdh

    Who are the new people in MMA

    I was just looking at the pics from the MMA filming and there are a few new people? Did I miss an earlier post about this? Just curious.
  12. wendybdh

    Should I become a personal trainer?

    Recently my employers offered to pay for me to become a personal trainer. (FYI-I'm a dental hygienist so it isn't like I already work in the fitness industry) There is a NETA weekend workshop in my area on December 5-6. To be honest, I want this more for personal reasons and "just to have it"...
  13. wendybdh

    How do you deal with cancer death?

    To make a long story short - My dad has been battling cancer for about a year and has really gone downhill in the past few weeks. We were told today that he's not going to get any better. I am expecting our second child in 9 days and he told me he's staying alive because he wants to see our...
  14. wendybdh

    Depression from Vicodin?

    To make a long story short, my dad just had major surgery for mesothelioma(cancer from asbestos exposure) last week and now he's in intense pain and he's on 2 Vicodin every 4 hours. He's normally a very upbeat person who wouldn't even think of giving up but he just told my mom today that he...
  15. wendybdh

    Things people say - UGGGH!

    First off, I'm 20 weeks pregnant. I was at the gym this morning and I ran 3 miles (at 5.7 mph) and was doing triceps when a man came up to me and said, " You know my mother lost a baby at 7 months from over exertion." I just said, "Well, I see a perinatologist and they want me to workout to...
  16. wendybdh

    TTC/Miscarriage Support Week of Mar. 22

    Getting things started here. Hope everyone is doing well. Tomorrow is my ultrasound so I'm trying to think positive. I'm trying to stay off the internet because I tend to think I have an internet degree in medicine. It was at this point (9 1/2 weeks) that I found out that the heart rate...
  17. wendybdh

    Found out I'm pregnant and in week 3 of STS

    I just found out I'm pregnant. My dilemna is that I'm 3 weeks into Mesocycle #1 and I'm not sure where to go from here. Since it's only 5 weeks into my pregnancy I'd like to continue with STS and just modify when I need to. But, at the same time, I want to make the most out of STS. I'm just...
  18. wendybdh

    Why don't people think before they speak?

    I just don't get it. I had my 2nd mc in October and since then we've been TTC. And for some reason there's a girl I work with who is pregnant and for some reason all she wants to do around me is talk about how much she hates being pregnant. She says she was on the pill when she got pregnant so...
  19. wendybdh

    As if I needed another reason to exercise...

    Hi Cathe, I had a DD in 2005 and did your workouts from pre-pregnancy until the day I delivered and never had any problems. Since then I've had 2 miscarriages. A few weeks ago I went to see a Maternal Fetal Specialist who told me that I have 2 blood disorders which cause my body to produce...
  20. wendybdh

    Mind if I join you?

    Hi everyone. I used to post on here when I was pregnant with my DD in 2005. Since then I've really only lurked on this forum. Anyway here's my background: DD in 2005 (no complications at all), 1st miscarriage Dec 2007 (6 1/2 weeks), 2nd miscarriage Oct 2008 (10 1/2 weeks). Since then...