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    Audio-Only HiiT workouts?

    Does anyone know of audio-only HiiT (bodyweight or super simple equipment) workouts? I want to have something I can do while playing with my kid without having the TV on. I know there's cardio coach, but I'm looking for something that's not on the treadmill, etc. TIA! Roz
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    Feedback on training plan for older female friend?

    I'm trying to help a friend of mine in her 60s (who doesn't strength train) get started on a minimal 2x/week total body program. Here's my idea, but I'm interested in your thoughts/feedback: Workout A 1) Bodyweight squat to box (later progress to goblet squat) 4x8 2a*) Pushup (incline as...
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    Am I a Neanderthal for Liking to Count Calories?

    So I've been reading/buying into the notion recently that counting calories is stifling and it's liberating not to do so but. I've just realized. I like to count calories. I'm not trying to keep to some crazy-low number. I don't mind seeing 2,500 at the end of the day. And it doesn't freak me...
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    Love This Article... I watched the clip of the 4-year-old girl talking while my 1.5-year-old daughter was in the room. She didn't see the screen, but she heard the audio. And after, she repeated, 'skinny, strong'...
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    Pull Up Assist Band Recommendations?

    I'd like to buy a band to assist pull ups/chin ups. I can do several unassisted chin ups and 1-2 unassisted pull ups, but my current program has chin ups in rep/set ranges I'm not capable of doing unassisted (and later in a workout when I'm fatigued). I'd like to buy one band (for starters at...
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    Attaching a File to a PM?

    Hi, I'd like to share my weights spreadsheets with someone via PM, but I don't see how to attach a file. Can you please help? Many thanks.
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    Hanging Knee Raises?

    Hi all, In my workout yesterday, I was supposed to do five 10-rep sets of hanging knee raises (where you basically bring your feet close to all the way up to the bar). I can't raise my chin-up bar high enough to hang fully extended (I do pull-ups/chin-ups with bent knees), so I held myself at...
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    Be More, Not Less

    Loving this article. Kinda says it all, for me.
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    Nia Shanks

    I just bought the Beautiful Badass program last night. I'd been waffling about getting the Girls Gone Strong program, which is very similar but 4x the price. When I saw the $27 price tag for BBA, I decided to go with it instead. ($100 for a paper program just feels like too much, as much as I...
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    STS Squat Rack (plus a couple tangential rants)

    Hi amazing, strong Cathletes, So I did STS Meso 3 squat rack legs for the first time this morning and really enjoyed the work. A few primary thoughts/questions: 1) My reps for front and back squats and static lunges were like, half the speed of Cathe and crew's. I was trying to get my thighs...
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    Anyone bought the Girls Gone Strong 'Modern Woman's Guide to Strength Training'?

    Just wondering if anyone has purchased this package? If so, how has it benefited you? I love GGS, love what it stands for, but at $100 for the basic package I'd have to be convinced it would really give me something I can't get elsewhere... :confused: I only work out at home, and almost always...
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    Girls Gone Strong Article on Prenatal Exercise

    Hi all, I found this interesting article on safe conditioning workouts during pregnancy on Girls Gone Strong: I'm not advocating this or any other specific workout regimen during pregnancy, although I think...
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    Squat Rack/Pull Up Bar?

    Any recommendations for a squat rack/pull up bar? I would like to do another round of STS, but the tubing pull-down subs for pull-ups and chin-ups really don't cut it for me. I also would love to do the squat rack legs in Meso 3. Any recommendations for brands of squat racks/pull-up bars? I...
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    'Chapters' Bar in Full-Screen Mode

    Hi, When I watch the new videos On Demand and use full-screen mode, the horizontal 'Chapters' bar remains in the middle of the screen, obstructing a little part of the video. I'm still able to play the videos. I haven't mentioned this problem yet (though it's been there all along) because I...
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    Starting with RWH Rotation

    When I snuck downstairs this morning, Cathe Claus had eaten the paleos cookie and drunk the almond milk, and I queued up LIHI Legs On Demand. Wow! Loved this workout. When I initially looked at the rotation, I thought, man, those workouts are short! But having completed the workout, I LOVE how I...
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    Integrative Core Work: Pirate Cathe (aka Cap'n Punch n' Crunch) Makes Us Walk The Plank

    OK, so I'm loving the integrative core work that Cathe has been doing in the Live videos (e.g., Strong Upper Body & Core and Butts & Guts Live). Just did B&G Live this morning, and I love the walking planks, weighted reach-back crunches, standing twists, etc. It is enjoyable, keeps my heart rate...
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    HSTA Question

    I always hear how great High Step Training Advanced is... I'm eager to try it but can't properly find it in the online Cathe store or the On Demand menu. I always see High Step Challenge (Hardcore series), High Step Training, and High Step Circuit -- which one is HSTA? Thanks!
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    Exercise and Fertility

    Does anyone know about the research out there on exercise and fertility? Holding body fat constant, would there be different effects on fertility from weight training, steady state cardio, or HiiT? Like many on these forums, I’m an advanced exerciser and work out an hour or so 5-6 days/week...