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    Which Type of Exercise Is Best for the Brain?

    Here's an excellent article that suggests that all those who remove steady state cardio from their training regimes in favour of HiiT training only are seriously short-changing their brain and long term protection against neurological diseases. Keep on running, powerwalking, cycling, swimming...
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    My Cathlete Fairy Godmother

    I have a Cathlete Fairy Godmother! She just sent me an amazing gift for Christmas. I don't know who she is, but she is the most warm-hearted person and I am grateful to her and for her. 2015 was, quite honestly, a pretty shitty year: my father died from dementia, my mother grieved deeply...
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    Most sensible woman in fitness?

    Nia Shanks strikes me as possibly the most sensible, least neurotic, most down-to-earth and pragmatic individual working in the fitness industry (Cathe's present company excluded). Her philosophies regarding fitness are the most valuable and helpful to women. Her 10 Fitness and Health...
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    Justine: The Miniaturist.

    Hi Justine: since we both read that book (Jesse Burton), I thought you might be interested in this article, with slideshow, and the latter site, with videos and everything...
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    Versa Gripps: Janiejoey, pgeiger, morningstar, elsie3, BackpackingMom: help!

    Ladies: I did a search on Versa Gripps and you all chimed in, in different ways, about these and also, lifting straps in general (BackpakingMom mentioned she uses heavy duty straps to help with her arthritis: which brand, type, size?). Can I ask you please: which type do you recommend and...
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    "10+ Reasons I Love My Ugly Body": tales from one woman's imperfect life

    I read through this lady's blog about her journey to a healthier lifestyle and healthier relationship with her body, and, no matter what size we currently are as individuals, a lot of her "issues" are shared by many of us. I am particularly taken by her motto whose emphasis lies upon...
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    Michelle Dozois: Bodyfit 360

    Michelle currently has a pre-sale on the two new Bodyfit DVDs, vol 2 and 3 in the series. Both DVDs sold at 25% discount with free s/h. See links:
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    Kettlebell swings: excellent tutorial

    Here's a great tutorial to help with those swings, long but worth it. Enjoy! Clare
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    Happy Birthday Nancy and Pam

    Nancy, Pam: Happy birthday to both of you from your fellow 5 de mayo baby Cathlete pal! Hugs on our special day, Clare
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    Need new fitness shoes?

    Look no further! Asics Gel Craze TR. I got this last month and love it. I used to wear the heavy Ryka's that you see Cathe and crew wearing on the CTX series for example, and I've tried the fitness shoes she wears on recent series and they are still too clunky for me. Too much shoe. A...
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    FYI: KCM fans

    Kelly starts her pre-sale for the following 2 DVDs in the 30 Mins to Fitness series on 9th March on her site, 1) Home Gym Intervals (cardio intervals using your home cardio machine, plus weight training in between) 2) Muscle up: Lift 2B Fit: (heavy weights done Kelly...
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    For KCM fans: filming soon

    1) Details Kelly Coffey-Meyer released today on FB about filming 2 new workouts real soon: "Great news fitness enthusiasts, I'm getting ready to film two more DVDs. The first DVD I'm adding to my 30-Minutes to Fitness series, is all about lifting Heavy. It's a fact that muscle burns...
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    Need Fitness room TV recommendations

    My 17 year old TV, an old, really heavy clunker, up and died. Damn! So, I am in the market for a new one. I am thinking 28 - 32 " LED. (Don't have space or $ for bigger) Several models which interest me are: 1) Samsung UN32EH4003 32-inch 720p 60Hz LED HDTV (Black) 2) Samsung...
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    FYI: TL Fitness @ 40% OFF

    Tracie Long Fitness currently hosting 40% sale on all DVDs, coupon code "BOO" (for Halloween), in case anyone is interested and has spent enough on fitness products yet this year! Clare
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    Mini-Natty and all step lovers: listen up!

    Look at SNM's final plan for the Cathe Greatest Hits DVD on the following thread: You're gonna love it! Time to throw your hands in the air, dance a little jig and get whooping!!! Clare
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    Cathe: suggestion for the forums?

    Cathe/SNM: There are questions that get asked frequently and some of us have spent a lot of time speculating on answers to them, on these forums, over the years! How about creating a FAQ forum to deal with these? Today was a case in point. A poster asked about how to place and use...
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    Amy Bento pre-sale: 20th Aug

    Go here for the Amy Bento pre-sale, starts 20th August. Body Box (Kickbox with weights intervals) and Advanced Step #5. - Clare
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    Attn: Amy Bento fans and Advanced Step lovers

    Just FYI, Amy Bento posted the following today on FB: "New video update: Hopefully I am receiving the master DVDs this week before I got on vacation. I should have them fully QAed (quality tested) by 8/20. The pre-sale site is being developed now and should be done at the same time the QA...
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    Happy Birthday Nancy and Pam!

    Happy Birthday to my fellow cinco de mayo May babies! Big hugs, hope you both have a great day and that the sun is shining for you, wherever you are. Here in Ann Arbor, MI, the Magnolia trees are in bloom, the sun is out, I have some new green wide leg trousers from Anthropologie to...
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    Fab books for all you avid readers! (from Clare)

    Dear all: 4 books I have loved and adored, am loving and adoring, have been amused by and could not and cannot put down recently: 1. State of Wonder by Ann Patchett. Wow! Amazing novel: of adventure, morality, bio-ethics, relationships, community. At what cost would you pursue...