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    Cathe Calendar

    Hi Cathe, Sorry if I missed it, but will there be a 2016 Cathe Calendar?
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    Collage Video Going Out of Biz Sale

    I just went to their site and they have a banner they are going out of business. I ordered a few DVDs at great prices. Thought I would pass this on in case anyone looking for anything they "need..." ;)
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    Just wondering if anyone has Breathless Body 3 and if so, what are your thoughts? How does it compare to the first and second one? I just received 1 and 2 and have done each once. I liked them, they are tough - the first is a bit repetitive and doing 8 sets of burpees and air jacks?? I did...
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    Imax 3 vs. Tabatacise

    Imax 3 was alway my "hate it, but want to work hard" workout of Cathe's. I've done Insanity but Imax 3 was a dread factor for me, thinking I couldn't get through it. I've been on a XT rotation (BTW, love the burn sets and 100 reps challlenges, seeing definition I haven't seen in years) and...
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    Insanity Month 2...

    Hi All, I am about to start month 2 of Insanity.....give me a sneak peak...they go to about an hour....can I do it??
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    Who's More Insane...?

    Well, I finally started the Insantiy Rotation 1.5 weeks ago. This weekend I had Pure Cardio lined up and couldn't help but think "Who's more insane?? Sean T for making these workouts or ME doing them?" Wow!! So far I am loving/hating this rotation! Insantiy is Insanely hard but oh so...
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    In and Out of Love Songs

    Curious to hear some of your most liked "in love" and or "out of love" songs.. I love a lot of Dan Hill - most though of these are "out of love" in addition - Kelly Clarkson's recent hit - "someone has to go" - there's one by Evervesance I like (sp??) as well...Faith Hill's Unsaveable. Happy...
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    one of those days

    Ever have one of those days where you just feel like busting out in tears - all in life is okay at the moment, but you just feel like it and it's not that TMO? had one of those days.
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    CLA - Thoughts

    Hi! Anyone take or have any thoughts, feedback on taking CLA - conjugated linoleic acid? TIA!
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    memory foam mattress toppers

    Hi All, My Dad has one and swears by it. Any other opinions? Has it helped anyone with lower back pain?
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    Help....Bad Habits back (long)

    Hi All, Hope everyone is doing wonderful and has a very Happy Holiday season!! I have been working out pretty consistently for 20 years, starting with Jane Fonda (yes, I did that... :p), then to the Firms, then Taebo Live Advanced and then I found Cathe, Amy and KCM. I was always smoking...
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    Calling Jonahnah

    Hi! I just PM'd you! Thanks
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    Calling Aquajock!

    HI!! as you know, I've always loved your mish about putting a new turkey blaster mish mosh? :D If you have time....I love how you hurt me (the good way :D:D) Happy Thanksgiving! Thanks! Jane
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    KCM - Get Ready Step Go

    Hi! For those that have this workout, do you like it? Fun? Worth adding to the workout library? TIA!
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    Madeleine Wickham = Sophie Kinsella!

    I just found out today that Sophie Kinsella has also written under her real name of Madeleine Wickham! I love her Sophie books and other authors like Jane Green...has anyone read any Madeleine books? Are they as gripping? I hear they are not as funny, but are they still good books? TIA!!
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    Looking for BB Coach

    Can someone PM me. I may be interested in the Insanity series. What is the difference (other than better Cust Serv) ordering from a coach vs. BB direct? Thanks and looking forward to talk to someone about it!
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    Cathe Wallpaper

    Help -- where can I find these now?
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    Favorite Songs/Artists Now

    Hi All! The thread on books got me are you current favorite artists - what are your current favorite songs? Mine are: Pink - pretty much all of hers Kelly Clarkson's new CD Kellie Pickler Billy Joel (Yes, I like a variety). Now, give me some ideas to download...
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    Anyone see this movie? It looks very good! Interested in any reviews! TIA
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    Sophie Kinsella, author...

    Hi All, I love all Sophie's books - the Shopaholic series and her others. Anyone else like her and have recommendations on other authors you like like her? TIA!