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    Advice on treadmill belt width.

    To all the treadmill owners out there. I am considering purchasing a treadmill and want to know if there is an optimum belt width I should be looking for. There is such a wide variety of treadmills available with belt widths ranging from as narrow as 10 inches up to 20 inches or more. The...
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    Sore fingers after weight lifting

    For several months now I have been experiencing soreness in the 4th finger (ring finger) on both hands after weight lifting, especially with heavier weights. The soreness is limiting my ability to increase my weights. It is usually worse on my right hand and none of my other fingers are sore...
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    Seeking advice on workouts when grieving

    I had to put my beloved little tabby cat down today. She was 18.5 years old and developed a very aggressive tumour in her nasal passage and started showing symptoms 8 weeks ago. She was starting to lose quality of life so I had to make the difficult decision before she started really...
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    Small error in Step Boss User Guide

    Was doing PHA 3 yesterday and noticed that under the Chapter headings Chapter 17 is incorrectly labelled as Push Dips. This should be Squat Thrust and Plank Push Ups.
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    Hi, I am looking at purchasing adjustable dumbbells and was wondering if anyone has used the Ironmaster Quicklock Dumbbells for STS and other Cathe workouts. If so, do you like them and are they easy enough to change weights during the rest periods for Mesocycles 2 and 3? I live in New Zealand...