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    Workout Blender -basic intro needed

    I am new to digital downloads after years of purchasing the DVDs. Just ordered Xtrain both ways. Have a few digital downloads already, but have no idea how to use the blender. Tried searching the forum, but can't seem to find exactly what I need. Can some one tell me how to use the workout...
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    best DVD for strength 2-3x/week

    i don't have time right now to do STS everyday. so i bought STS total body. do you recommend doing STS total body 2-3x/week for strength training (along with other cardio classes at the gym)? or would it be better to do 2 or 3 different strength workouts every week? if so, which DVDs? i...
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    any quick way to figure my 1 rep max?

    just wondering if there's a quick way to determine 1 rep max for all exercises. i've never done it before b/c it looks so time consuming and i'd rather get a workout in.
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    suggested alternate exercises for lunges...HELP

    today i'm on meso 1 disk 5 (back/triceps), but after completing the legs DVD last week, i realize that i am unable to do several of the exercises b/c of bunion issues. i have a full gym in the garage so have come up with some alternates for this week's lunges, but would love real experienced...