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  1. Autumn68

    Here we go again...

    I don't know how many times I can "get fit" and never get to the end. And life is not easy now, and it's hard to focus. DH and I both out of work, thank God for a little savings - unemployment gone - great gym in our basement - lots of dvd's - but so hard to get motivated. I do a few days...
  2. Autumn68

    do you eat b4 am workout?

    I'm wondering what people eat before an early am workout. I only have an hour and workout 6-7am and don't know if I should have whey protein or 1/2 banana or what before an early am workout. I would have breakfast after the w/o on the way to work or at work. I should be starting a new job next...
  3. Autumn68

    Re: Footwear

    Ok, the (spin) bike is on it's way, and I was wondering if any of you spinners out there can give me advise for some spin footwear that won't cost as much as the bike itself. And also for kickboxing: what footwear would you recommend? I wear cross-trainers for everything and don't have the...
  4. Autumn68

    cardio & weights

    Just did C&W. Haven't done it in such a long time I forgot how much fun it is. Wow, it was a good little workout. I usually do Imax 2, which is one of my fav's but decided to change it up and glad I did. Autumn
  5. Autumn68

    Spinning Bike Recommendations

    Ok, dh found some spin bikes in my price range that have good reviews. I put the link below from amazon. I am looking under $500 which was impossible not that long ago. Anyway, I don't want it to be so cheap that I'm not satisfied. I felt positive about these reviews but wanted input if any of...
  6. Autumn68

    need your help re: fitness equipment

    I just got $ from selling my old gold and it's enough to buy 1 thing and I wanted your opinions on what I should get. Perhaps you have one or more of these things and can tell me what you think of them. 1. Malibu Pilates Chair 2. Spinner sport spin bike 3. Boxing equipment (heavy bag...
  7. Autumn68

    [email protected] new STS Toal Body

    Cathe: Is the new STS Total Body dvd (1) single workout? How many options will it have. You mentioned in the review that it has some of meso 1 and some of meso 2, so that makes me think that it is different workouts. Or is it just a mix of the types of exercise in the one workout. Hope you...
  8. Autumn68

    suggestion for next sts

    I don't know if you will be doing another STS series, like an add on, but if you do, I would love it if there were 2 extra stretch workout at the end. One focusing on upper body, and the other lower body and perhaps a 3rd, with a combo. of both. Sometimes I am in a hurry and just want to...
  9. Autumn68

    Best place to by boxing equip...

    Does anyone know where the best place to buy boxing gloves, bag, etc....????? thanks - Autumn :D
  10. Autumn68

    round 2 started today

    Couldn't wait til next week to start STS again so I plunged back in today. Took some time to do all my other dvd's that I missed and today started with disc 1. Here we go again.....:D:D:D:D:D:D autumn
  11. Autumn68

    noticed this in sts series

    Cathe I keep forgetting to tell you that in the STS strength series, a lot of times you give form pointers and the camera goes on someone else, or when you are introducing a new move, there is a side camera angle in STS cardio, and it kind of threw me off a bit. I just wanted to let you know...
  12. Autumn68

    w/o manager problem

    I was wondering if I could delete a rotation without deleting each one. I put a 6.5 month rotation for sts and can not delete more than one at a time. I had the wrong date pressed so it messed up the calendar. Thanks - autumn
  13. Autumn68

    working out during recovery ??...

    Cathe: I have a strained right knee - doc sd rest for 2 wks and just upper body ok, then start from scratch with my cardio/weights for LB. Today is 2 wks, and it still sore and I took a pain pill and plan to try to go on elliptical. I have been doing MMA boxing and real low impact moves when...
  14. Autumn68

    Can't wait to get back to it....

    B/C of my bad knee I can't do much more than walk and elliptical for a week or two. I miss kickbox and boxing and even step. I can do upper body, and to spread out the weightlifting I'll do one upper body - body part a day after elliptical work. Once I'm back to normal I'll get back to STS...
  15. Autumn68

    gastroc strain

    I finally got my MRI & doc said I don't need surgery - thank God, I have a gastroc strain in my right knee. It's been getting worse b/c every time I felt better I hurt it again. Doc said to use 2 alive and stay off it for a few wks, let it heal, then start from heavy weights at...
  16. Autumn68

    weights everyday?

    Cathe: I have to do low impact due to a knee injury. So I'm trying to get the best bang for the buck. I'm doing STS for the 2nd time, and was wondering if I could do circuit training with lighter weights on alternate days. Generally the circuit training hits most body parts, so I can't...
  17. Autumn68

    low impact

    I have to cut back on hi impact due to knee injury and feel that I wont reach my fitness goals with just low impact (step, kickbox, boxing and elliptical) and of course weight work. Does anyone else get decent results with just low impact workouts? autumn:(
  18. Autumn68

    # finally coming off

    I have had such a hard time loosing weight, even though I've been gaining muscle and loosing inches. But, cutting back on my cal's, and eating much cleaner really did the trick. I thought if I just workout a lot, I could eat what I want and still loose weight. Now, I don't mean anything, but...
  19. Autumn68

    How long do U w/o?

    I was wondering how long others workout. Does anyone workout longer than one hour, or one dvd? Just curious - I am out of work, so I w/o a bit longer these days, but I was wondering what you guys do...thanks. autumn :D
  20. Autumn68

    Knee Injury ?

    I went to the dr for my knee and he said I might have torn cartilage :(:(:(:( . Due to financial difficulties, I can't afford the MRI right now, and can't stop working out, so I'm puting an ace bandage on and doing what I can, taking it easier on the right knee. Anyway, I was wondering if...