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  1. nickisteen

    Rotation Issue

    I have tried about 4 times to load XTrain 90 Day Undulating Rotation to my calendar and it only shows up with Week 1. What am I doing wrong? I've uploaded many rotations before and never had this issue. Thanks.
  2. nickisteen

    Hardcore Series Rotation

    Is there a rotation for the Hardcore series? Can't find one but would love to have it?
  3. nickisteen

    RWH rotation not showing in calendar.

    I have uploaded the RWH getting started into my calendar but it does not show in my calendar. However, when I go to a day, it shows for tat day then disappears when I return to the calendar.
  4. nickisteen

    STS Workout Cards not able to print

    I am not able to print the STS workout cards nor I am able to add a rotation to my calendar. I really want to start the 3 1/2 month rotation but need to print the work out cards. Thanks Nicki Steen
  5. nickisteen

    Ab Cuts - Ab Resistance

    Would love to see a super ab series using resistance
  6. nickisteen

    Cathe Challenges - Run Across America

    In the section, My Progress, my mileage total is 2712 miles, but in my group, Fit in the Fifites, it is showing 100 miles less, 2613.78. I've asked about this before, but no response. Could you please help me? thanks Nicki
  7. nickisteen


    I am really trying to work my abs for muscle definition and want to know how often I should be doing ab workouts. Right now, I'm working them specifically almost daily but wonder if this is too much. And, what are the best ab exercises? Thanks!
  8. nickisteen

    Race Across America Issue

    On the main page, my total miles are 647.47 but when I go into my Fit In the 50s group, the miles only total 549.68. The difference seems to be in my DVDs workout. I have 346.80, but in the FIT 50s group it only shows 272.35. Don't think it's including Other Workouts either. Can you please...
  9. nickisteen

    Stats Issue

    My stats for DVDs are showing 11, but I've done at least 23 and they're closed and on my calendar. Are there technical issues with the STAT tab? thanks Nicki
  10. nickisteen

    Wourkout Managaer Stats

    Can someone explain this tome? Today is April 1st - there are two postings on the stats that have durations of 26:14 hrs. and 24:30 hrs. How can this be? There are only 24 hours in a day. Am I misunderstanding how this works? ns