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  1. Lucia A

    No Squats or Lunges

    I recommend Knee-friendly exercises to replace Squats, Lunges and tall box step ups aka. Leg Presses that are hard on the knees.
  2. Lucia A

    Where is a List of ALL Cathe DVD's ever made in order of age?

    Hi Everyone, I'm sure it's around somewhere, could someone give me the link to find a List of ALL Cathe DVD's ever made in order of age? Just updating my notes. I cant copy and paste from the DVD bar in the workout manager, - I tried that. Thanks, Lucia
  3. Lucia A

    Met value = Treadmill speed? What is the value for.....

    Hi Cathe, or anyone who knows. Please? What is the met value for 3.5mph? 3.7mph? 4.0, 4.5? 5.0. Etc??????? I walk on my Treadmill almost every day, therefore, this would be helpful! Thanks!
  4. Lucia A

    Is Yoga a complete workout to you?

    I'm not knocking it. I love how I feel after... but I can't imagine myself doing only yoga and skipping a weights wo or a cardio wo or a Cathe wo It seems like something to do at the end of a workout or to supplement other things... Opinions?
  5. Lucia A

    January 2016 - I worked out 18 days!

    It has been years since I worked out so much. The last time I worked out that much was September 2013 I had 15 workout s for the month. Usually I average 4 to 8 per month. I am looking slimmer. I wish I had weighed myself before so that I could see the difference oh well. Lucia A TNT...
  6. Lucia A

    It took me 40+ min to pick a WO

    Does this happen to anyone else? I had 3 DVD'S in front of me. I was supposed to do weights next but I got my new Cathe ICE But I already did Total body,upper, and lower body. But I don't know what weight work is in the others. Without putting them in and looking at mixes and premixes...
  7. Lucia A

    Something complete for 2 days per week

    Hi Cathe, I know i'm supposed to do weight lifting regularly, and cardio regularly. But I work 10 and 12 hour days plus a 2h commute. So my days are long. When I looked at my notes, I've been working out only two days a week. So on my days off, I usually do either upper body plus cardio...
  8. Lucia A

    Calories burned: HRM vs. Workout Manager?

    Hi Cathe, I love your DVD's - every single one of them. I believe I own all of them too. I've been getting them since CIA1006. OK, here's my question please: Today I did HIIT Lower body circuit. The calories burned in the workout manager read 534 but my HRM reads 374 and I was following...
  9. Lucia A

    Similar to Bodyblast series - Circuits!

    I love love love Total Body circuits that don't miss any body parts. Complete time-saver circuits is best for maximizing time! You can then have the premix options with just the weight segments similar to STS and premix of just the step. so that you have variety, make everyone in the other...
  10. Lucia A

    Where do I find the "Circuit" category?

    I have every Cathe workout that you have made except one or two. (I think) That said, I also have approximately 30 circuit tapes - by other instructors. :o When I go on the workout manager, it gives me a selection of either Cardio or Weights but not both. :confused: I don't know if I...