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  1. Terina

    Konnie’s & Teri’s check in

    MMA-Fusion again But today was a little different because within 15 minutes of starting I was thinking “ I don’t want to do this today “ so I stop the dvd reminded myself why I’m working out and I looked at the motivating pictures on the wall started up again with a better attitude and I had a...
  2. Terina

    Konnie’s & Teri’s check in

    STS LEGS kicked my butt. so proud of myself I used 23lbs for squats Loving STS, for calves I dropped to 15’s. Really made sure glute activation was on point too Picture says it all
  3. Terina

    Konnie’s & Teri’s check in

    Hi Konnie here’s are check in Today I did MMA;FUSION. That’s such a great workout I can’t remember when I last did this dvd. Showed me how much I need to work on my core strength
  4. Terina

    How Many Had COVID?

    Fire medic please don’t let some low life discourage you from posting here. That person was totally in the wrong to have said what they said. They were a coward to have sent you that message. you are FREE to believe and stand for what you believe in!!!
  5. Terina

    How Many Had COVID?

    I had it early April. For me it was more of a sore throat. It last a few days with flu like symptoms.
  6. Terina

    Loving Fit Tower Rotation

    Loving Fit Tower Rotation
  7. Terina

    2022 Calendar??

  8. Terina

    so many great rotations,which one to choose!!

    so many great rotations,which one to choose!!
  9. Terina

    Excited to start new (old) rotaion =)

    Excited to start new (old) rotaion =)
  10. Terina

    New Workout Series

    A series like Gym Style, more heavy weight type :)
  11. Terina

    May 2021 Rotation

    Looks so good. Im going to do 1 week of Cathe Live then will be doing this rotation
  12. Terina

    Cathe Live 333 Missing?

    I can see it on mine. Maybe trying to refresh ?
  13. Terina

    Anyone hoping Cathe announces new workouts soon?

    Same here!! Every Monday I open news letter hoping to see announcement. I have my credit card ready
  14. Terina

    STS Circuit Blast

    STS circuit Blast is such a great workout!! I hope it shows up on more rotations. I’m really enjoying March’s rotation. I was doing Xtrain 90 day rotation but I wanted to mix things up.
  15. Terina

    Choosing live video workouts

    I don’t think so
  16. Terina

    Difference between Cathe and Spri resistance tubes?

    I have Cathe’s medium tension blue tubing still and also her newer ones also, I think you will be very satisfied with Cathe’s tubing. I liked them better than “golds gyms”brand
  17. Terina

    XTrain pdf of user's guide

    I just created my own. which is great you can modify it to your personal way =)
  18. Terina

    January 2021

    loving January’s rotation
  19. Terina

    January 2021

    excited to start today =)
  20. Terina

    Got Cathe Calendar 2021??

    Mine supposed to arrive on Saturday