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  1. LouisiAnne

    Cathe Live Subscribers Please Read

    I would like to say that health is something very precious, and it's only one for each of us. It is essential to pay attention to this and act on time because sometimes it's too late for some interventions. My point of view is that you should try everything you want, only if your health won't...
  2. LouisiAnne

    2nd pregnancy is hard

    Usually, the second birth passes easier than the first one because you already have an amount of experience, you know how to do many things, and it passes well. It is essential to have a healthy mind and stay positive. The nerves could harm your and the baby's health. Healthy mindsets are...
  3. LouisiAnne

    Airport to Hotel Transportation

    Try Uber, it should be cheaper
  4. LouisiAnne

    CBD oil for pain and inflammation

    For real? I didn't know that. Now I understand how useful actually drugs are for us. Personally, I am not into the CBD, I like more THC or something like, I love mushrooms if you ask me. I buy them from Magic Mushrooms Canada , and to be serious they are pretty strong. But what about CBD oil I...