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  1. FitChick25

    New Michelle Dozois Peak 10 workouts

    I was just wondering if anyone has bought these and what they think of them. I've been considering buying them, but I'm curious about the tough factor and fun factor. Any thoughts? TIA!
  2. FitChick25

    KPC gloves

    Quick question about the gloves Cathe and the girls are wearing in this workout - are they just fitness gloves or are they specific to kickbox for a certain purpose? I imagine they are not weighted. Might be a stupid question but I'm genuinely curious! :) TIA!
  3. FitChick25

    flickr pics?

    Now that the Disney RT pics are up, which I have thoroughly been enjoying living vicariously through, I'm getting anxious to see the Glassboro ones too! Is there a general timeframe of when they'll be on the Flicker site? Thanks! :)
  4. FitChick25

    Gliding discs

    Hi there! I feel so bad asking this, because I know it's been asked and answered before but I can't find where! However, will the discs work on fitness flooring? I know they are definitely good on carpet and linoleum/hardwood/etc., but I'm getting gym-type flooring put in in my workout space...
  5. FitChick25

    Cycle Max Application form

    Hi there, The announcement for the Cycle Max casting call mentioned that an application form would be sent out to the RTers via e-mail and needs to be returned by 6/25. Has anyone gotten one yet? My e-mail has been quirky lately and I just want to make sure I didn't miss it. Thanks! :)...
  6. FitChick25

    STS rest week

    I just finished Meso 1 and I'm at my first rest week. I'm having a hard time what kind of workouts to do. Would anyone mind sharing which Cathe workouts or what activities they did/are doing during their rest weeks? thanks!
  7. FitChick25

    Core Max

    There is no option to select Segment One, Two, or Three for Core Max. You can only select doing all three at once or doing a Premix.
  8. FitChick25

    Protein Shakes

    Hi! I was wondering if anyone would mind sharing what protein shake they drink after a weight workout. I try to follow a low carb diet (currently semi-following the Primal Blueprint) so I'm particularly interested in shakes with not too much sugar. Would love to hear what ones you have found...
  9. FitChick25

    Question for veteran Road Trippers

    Just a quick question regarding pre-Road Trip workouts for those who have had the pleasure of road tripping before! Do you usually scale back on intensity for the workouts you do the week prior to the Road Trip weekend to let your body rest up, or do you maintain your usual level of intensity...