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  1. baylian


    Well kinda.... the pictures of the workouts are there but they still aren't working yet.
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    Ask and ye shall receive.
  3. baylian


    Why are the streaming subscribers the last to get the workouts? I have had my bands since Friday. No sign of them on the app. A bit bummed and disappointed.
  4. baylian

    My Wits End

    I have had a recurring subscription through Itunes for years. I canceled it so I could sign up for the Cathe workouts, blender and live through the website. This is the most confusing thing on the planet. I am ready to cancel it all. I can’t login on the app. I can’t find my videos if I go...
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    And yes I went to tutorials and found no help.
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    I have the Cathe on Demand app on my Iphone/Ipad. I pay $14.99 a month through my iTunes account. How do I upgrade to Cathe On Demand and Live with workout blender? I am completely lost. I know it will be around $19.99. I can only find the Cathe Live APP and that is $12.99. It's all very...
  7. baylian

    Slowing down

    Well I thought it was just me. I started noticing about 2 years ago when I turned 57. I have a harder time recovering and doing intricate step work is a no-go. So I just plug along and do the best I can.
  8. baylian


    Is the new Lite series uploaded to Cathe On Demand?
  9. baylian

    Login Question?

    Is it two different logins for the general website and Cathe On Demand? Thanks in advance for the answer.
  10. baylian

    BOSU Ball Size?

    I ended up buying the bigger one. I thought the same thing that I would want the extra diameter for reassurance. Thanks!
  11. baylian

    Dedicating today's cardio to my Brother-in-law :(

    Very sorry for your loss. (((HUGS)))
  12. baylian

    spinning shoes?

    I have Shimano! I love them! I had to buy cleats separate.
  13. baylian

    BOSU Ball Size?

    Any help on this matter is appreciated! I want to purchase a BOSU ball. However I notice on the BOSU company website that there are two different sizes. One is 65MM/26"D and the other is called the BOSU sport which is 55MM/22"D. I am leaning towards the smaller one because I'm 5'4" (not sure...
  14. baylian

    XTrain User Guide PDF Download?

    Thank you!!!!
  15. baylian

    RWH #2!

    This workout series has changed my life. I adore it. Throw in a yoga and a new ride. Also please put the option to eliminate the music vocals back in!
  16. baylian

    XTrain User Guide PDF Download?

    HI Can anyone please tell me if there is a link to XTrain User Guide PDF Download if there is one? I know there is one to the RWH series. It's such a pain in the bum to try to copy it on my copier. I print out what I need to keep track of the weights/reps and am going to mix XTrain and RWH...
  17. baylian

    Any idea where I can find Xmas lights that blink intermittently?

    Yeah really whats wrong with hobby lobby? Love that place and the fact that they close on Sunday to observe the Sabbath and want their employees with their families is even better!
  18. baylian

    Oxygen Mag is back!

    Seems it was bought and its back. I just picked it up!
  19. baylian

    Barbell Workout

    Would love to see a total barbell workout!
  20. baylian

    Anyone Still Here From Early 2000's?

    I joined in 2007. Because of my conservative views on politics I was bullied to no end and by one in particular so I left. i just lurk now.....