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  1. melagras


    I just tried to place an order for Step Boss and it is adding shipping to the total. Is anyone else having this problem?
  2. melagras

    Endurance Supplements

    I'm trying to get back into a routine and I'm noticing that I just don't have the stamina to finish any workout right now. Do any of you use an endurance supplement?
  3. melagras

    Job Search

    I have been on the hunt for another position for several months and can't seem to get noticed with online job postings. I tried reducing my resume to work history for the past 10 years (I don't jump around from job to job). I googled resume styles to find a new format. When you had to mail a...
  4. melagras

    June 2019 Rotation

    On last week's workouts, you had Strong & Sweaty Bootcamp, Pyramid Upper Body and Pyramid Lower Body back to back. The upper body was getting worked two days in a row with no rest period. Shouldn't there be at least a 24 hour rest period? I was afraid to to follow this schedule.
  5. melagras

    On Demand on Roku Express Not Loading

    I tried to view today's workout (Great Glutes) when I got home around 5:30 p.m. CST. None of the videos I tried to play would load. I was able to view workouts earlier this week. What could the problem be?
  6. melagras

    Is Vegetarianism the Way to Go?

    Anyone out there a true vegetarian? I toyed with it last year and ended up quitting. Not sure why I quit. Maybe from boredom. I wasn't sure if I was getting the right balance of protein and carbs. It did seem like I was eating more. Right now, I am following a paleo diet but I feel bloated...
  7. melagras

    Weightlifting Rotation

    Has anyone come up with a rotation that is weightlifting only? Or does Cathe have one (besides STS)? I don't have the energy for Cathe's intense cardio anymore.
  8. melagras

    Do Any of You Wear Socks?

    My knees have started hurting and I thought I had purchased the wrong training shoes (Nike Zoom). I was reading some blogs and some are saying they don't wear socks when they workout. Last week, I began Elliott Hulse's Lean Hybrid Muscle workout. He finishes every workout with what he calls a...
  9. melagras

    It Must Be Kismet

    As some of you know from a previous thread, I have been looking for a job for a few months. Either it was fate or kismet, but I was about to leave my house to go sign up for Fall semester classes at a local college when I got a call from a firm that I interviewed with back in late February for...
  10. melagras

    Ernestine Shepherd is 80!

    I just found this article on Yahoo. Her skin looks so supple. Is this more hereditary or does exercise help?
  11. melagras

    I have been wondering . . .

    how long it would take before something like this would happen where I live. I'm normally not scared when driving but now I get out of the way when I see one of these trucks. Do any...
  12. melagras

    Job Hunting

    Out of 35 to 40 positions I have applied for online, I have been on three interviews. I can't seem to get my "foot in the door." I've never had this much trouble. I don't know what I am doing wrong. The last time I looked for a job was 10 years ago. I need some advice about interviewing...
  13. melagras

    Anyone use Craigslist?

    Do any of you use Craigslist? I've got some items to sell that are too large to sell on E-Bay (shipping charges would be out of sight). I normally wouldn't use their site due to all the horror stories I've heard from co-workers but the police dept in my town allows sellers to use their lobby...
  14. melagras

    Anyone See This?

    This woman is my hero. To be 100 years old, she looks good. I hope I can move like her when (or if) I hit 100.
  15. melagras

    Roku 2

    Anyone able to view Cathe's channel on Roku 2? I really don't feel like paying $100 for another Roku when the 2 works fine for me.
  16. melagras

    Need Your Thoughts and Prayers

    My sister-in-law was diagnosed with breast cancer and today she had a bilateral mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. I haven't heard any news yet about how the surgery went. I was told they won't know what stage she is in until they test the breasts. Why would they not know the stage...
  17. melagras

    Make-up Suggestions

    Can anyone suggest a line of foundation and powder that doesn't look like bronzer? I have very pale skin with a lot of redness. I went to Sephora yesterday to purchase foundation since I was out. I decided to try their 10 hour foundation. Today was the first day to wear it and my face looks...
  18. melagras

    Anyone on Hormone Replacement Therapy?

    When I went for my check-up earlier this year, I asked my ob/gyn when I would go off of Activella. He said I would have to take it until I turn 65 (another 11 years). I did some research and found out it is to be taken no longer than 5 years. I was on birth control pills for years and went...
  19. melagras

    Feel Good Moment for Today

    I just saw this on the website of one of my local television stations. With all of the cop killings, glad to see that some people still respect law enforcement.
  20. melagras

    Costco Coming My Way

    They finally announced in today's paper that Costco is coming. There have been rumors flying around for months now. Is there any major difference between Costco and Sam's Club? I find it interesting that one of the Sam's Clubs in my area relocated less than 3 miles from Costco's new location.