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    Cathe Live

    Hi Cathe Live I was wonder if you could fix the first pedal to the metal live bike, Cathe's speech does not match up to the move cues. This is one of my favorite videos to do, but this is a little annoying. Thanks
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    Cycle Shoe

    Hi Cathe Can you tell me what brand cycle tennis you use in your DVDs? I'm interested in purchasing a pair. Thank you Christa
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    Hi Cathe I am enjoying the Xtrain DVD's they are great. I would like to ask if it is ok to do Supercuts after an Xtrain upper body workout, being that the weight is not as heavy in the Supercut DVD? (I was thinking after C/B/S) Thank you
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    3 month cycles

    would like to find out if when you are finished the 3 month program, is it possible to go back and start the program from the beginning again? thank you