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  1. bzbnmom

    Support not responding

    I sent an email to support 2 days ago and 9 days ago. When can I expect a response?
  2. bzbnmom

    Lowest Impact Cathe workouts?

    I had a knee injury 4.5 months ago and have been doing no impact workouts. I think I'm ready to try a low impact AWT or cardio Cathe workout. Obviously I'd like to start ones that are the easiest on the knees with the least amount of impact and progress from there. What workouts/premixes...
  3. bzbnmom

    Error Message when trying to log in

    I have a friend who gets an error message when trying to log-in to Cathe forums. This happened with the unveiling of the new updated forum look. Does anyone have a suggestion on how she can fix this?
  4. bzbnmom

    Your favorite easier workouts?

    I've had a low energy week and a few weeks ago a recovery week, having finished 5 months of STS. I'm finding a need to add some less intense workouts to my collection. Who better to ask than Cathe fans? What are your favorite workout DVDs for strength maintenance, cardio, movement, anything...
  5. bzbnmom

    What is JFO?

    What does this stand for? It's on a Total Body Tri-Sets premix.
  6. bzbnmom

    A song comes on the radio...

    I was waiting in my car for my daughter to finish ballet class when Jessie's Girl comes on the radio. I immediately thought of Body Max 2 and I had the urge to do some stepping! :D:D:D I haven't even done that one in a long time! This ever happen to anyone else? :D
  7. bzbnmom

    My skinny jeans fit again!

    After only 3 weeks of being completely dedicated to a Cathe rotation, I can wear my Levis straight skinny jeans again!!! They should look even better next month. ;) HaPpY DaNcE ! :D
  8. bzbnmom

    Circuit/Metabolic Conditioning?

    Is a circuit workout considered a metabolic conditioning workout?
  9. bzbnmom

    1RM Test Schedule?

    Does anyone have a 1RM Test schedule already planned out for STS? I'm looking forward to beginning STS for the first time but I'm dreading the 1RM Testing. If not, then some detailed advice on how to get it all done? I'm thinking this will take at least two weeks? and will replace all the...
  10. bzbnmom

    Downloads are available

    ... but I wouldn't recommend trying to download them. I tried within minutes of the announcement, but was unsuccessful. So I will just have to wait for my mail lady to deliver the DVD's to me. Getting excited! :D Anyone in the Midwest get them yet?
  11. bzbnmom

    Newest downloads, when?

    So now that we know that the new DVD's will ship sometime between the 18th and 26th, when will the downloads be available? I bought both and wonder which I will get to see first. This will be my very first workout download experience!
  12. bzbnmom

    Great Glutes and Lean Legs & Abs

    They both have barre segments and both use discs! I love it!!! I. Can't. Wait. So excited...! I'm gonna love using both of these in a rotation. Ahhh, these previews are killing me ... :eek:
  13. bzbnmom

    Shoulder Pain, Advice Please

    A few weeks ago, I finished Xtrain/LIS-90 rotation at week 11. I just couldn't do the final week 12 because of a pain in my shoulder. Somewhere around weeks 9 & 10 I noticed a little pain while doing standing dumbbell presses, nothing serious I thought, but in week 11 I had more pain and...
  14. bzbnmom

    Cathe Core Intensive Workouts?

    I will be starting a new rotation in a few weeks and I want to put together one that is core intensive and also incorporate plenty of cardio leg wo's (Cardio Leg Blast, Lower Body Blast). The core is where I am finding that I have to modifiy the exercises the most on Cathe's DVD's ... (well...
  15. bzbnmom

    Power Max is FUN

    I broke open my new Cardio Hits DVD and did Power Max. It's a *very* fun step workout. The first 2 segments were all classic Cathe moves and went pretty smoothly. The 3rd segment was more tricky and since I was getting pretty tired I mostly just watched the end of that one - 8" step can be...
  16. bzbnmom

    Not using a weight scale anymore

    My scale broke down last week. Know what? I'm not replacing it just yet. Thank you mini-natty for inspiring me! I think this will make me more aware of how I feel, how my clothes fit, AND what goes in my mouth. I think it will force me to be more consistently cautious rather than reacting...
  17. bzbnmom

    What about all those premixes???

    I just did Low Impact Challenge this morning. That was sooo much fun! And it was over before I knew it. So I went to look at the chapters and there's a bonus circuit step segment on there!! I thought, Cool there's probably almost a whole new workout on this DVD, and there is. There are a...
  18. bzbnmom

    Will anyone be fasting on Good Friday?

    I usually drink herbal tea all day and have a light meal for dinner on fasting days. On Ash Wednesday, I did this and had a terrible headache by dinner. I will be doing a workout on Fri and Sat mornings, Sun is my rest day. So I was thinking I would have a spinach smoothie or something...
  19. bzbnmom

    Would I need Turbo Tower for STS-TBW?

    Is the Turbo Tower/pull-up bar necessary for STS Total Body Workout? Can this DVD be used successfully without it?
  20. bzbnmom

    WooHoo! I Got My DVD's

    I got my XTRAIN and LIS bundles in the mail today! That was fast, I ordered them Mon night. Earlier today my 14-year-old son asked me what I was going to do this weekend. I wasn't sure then but now I know!!! I'll be studying the User's Guide, figuring out the One Rep Max testing, checking...