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  1. Agzo

    Any other pregnant ladies out there looking to stay fit?

    I'm wrapping up my first trimester and really hoping to feel better soon so I can get back on track a bit. Was wondering if there are any others out there so we could keep each accountable and bump ideas off of etc.
  2. Agzo

    Please Vote for my Friends!!

    I know I don't post much, and lurk too often but I was hoping you all could help me help out a friend of mine. Their family is one of ten finalists in this contest all you have to do is go to the link, click the red camera icon that says...
  3. Agzo

    I can kind of do step?!!

    Hey Everyone, I haven't been online much since school started back in August but I was so excited I wanted to share. I was able to do a step combo, one of the ones from C&Ws I think (I should have looked it up before I posted) without messing up. True it was like the 5th time the sequence...
  4. Agzo

    Arch Support Socks

    I was just wondering if anyone else had tried these. After my SO raved about how great they were I went out and bought a two pack. A little more than I'm used to paying for socks but was suprised, I actually really like them. :7 Since it is just elastic around the arch I was wondering if...
  5. Agzo

    I feel awful....I need some advice

    I don't know who or how I can ask this correctly, nicely, politically correct, etc. If someone got something that wasn't particularly their style is there a way to change it to something a little more them:-) .....ok I relaize this seems vague but I need help. I would message someone but I...
  6. Agzo

    Pesky problem areas

    I was wondering there is anything to strength certain areas..not really spot reduce just help. Have a flab of skin between my arm and my chest that presses together to make a roll. I was hoping anyone might have an idea on how to help. Also all of my extra weight seems to go to my low back...