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  1. mfv3

    Pots and pans

    My husband and I are looking to buy a nonstick set of pots and pans. We would like to spend no more than $150. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance :)
  2. mfv3

    ***We're In This Together*** (May 2013)

    Happy May everyone! It's cold out today here in MN. Summer was just teasing us this past few days apparently. I survived Tabatacise yesterday. Today was AB and Core 2. I've been walking everyday too. Love getting my steps in. Looks like today's walk may be at MOA though. B and I have been...
  3. mfv3

    Tracy Anderson

    Has anyone tried her Dance Cardio workouts? I used to dance and it seems like these would be really fun workouts. I see that she has an instructional and then the actual workout part of the DVD. What does everyone think of these workouts? Any info would be great :) TIA :)
  4. mfv3

    Boxing Gloves

    I'm planning on starting the 90 day XTrain rotation very soon and I need to get boxing gloves for Hard Strikes. For those who have them where can I get the best deal? And what weight does Cathe and crew use? TIA!
  5. mfv3

    Ultimate Yogi

    What does everyone think of these workouts? I'm looking for intense yoga with advanced poses and movements. I do love a good relaxing yoga too. Does this series have what I'm looking for in your opinion? Likes? Dislikes?
  6. mfv3

    Rest days

    I'm really bad at taking rest days. I'm curious if anyone else is. If not, how many do you take a week?
  7. mfv3

    Alternative to STS Tower

    I know they discontinued the STS Tower. My friend is looking for something that would work as an alternative to it. Any suggestions?
  8. mfv3

    Alternative to STS Tower

    I know they discontinued the STS Tower. My friend is looking for something that would work as an alternative to it. Any suggestions?
  9. mfv3

    Address change

    Does anyone know how I can change my address? I have since moved since I ordered XTrain and I just can't stand the thought of it not getting forwarded properly. Thanks!
  10. mfv3

    Length of XTrain workouts

    I haven't seen anything posted how on long each of the XTrain workouts will be. I know it's hard to know exactly being that filming hasn't started yet but do you have an estimated time of how long the average workout will be? Just curious :) I'll be ordering them regardless :) Btw you...
  11. mfv3

    Should I order GS Legs?

    I'm thinking of ordering GS Legs when I preorder the new DVD's. What does everyone think of this DVD? I also have Butts and Guts and Lower Body Blast. How does it compare to these? Thanks in advance!
  12. mfv3

    It's June! Time for a new thread!

    Hello mama's- How is everyone doing? I had my 20w ultrasound the other day and I'm having a boy! We are so excited. Would have been either way of course but now it's seems so much more real :) I have been feeling him move around too! So cool! My husband felt him the other day too. I...
  13. mfv3

    I <3 4DS!!!

    4DS rocks! It is my most recent purchase and I love it! I have only done the step workouts so far. Tomorrow is kickbox and then bootcamp on Mon. The choreography is amazing! SO FUN! What are your favorite premixes? There are so many to choose from :)
  14. mfv3

    I bought SJP and Step Blast :)

    I'm super excited!!! I ordered the Deal of the Day...Step, Jump and Pump and Step Blast! I'm soooo happy! What a deal it was!!!! I am so in love with any of Cathe's step workouts. So pumped!!!! I used to do these two on FITtv but am so stoked to do the extended versions. YAY! HAPPY CATHLETE!
  15. mfv3

    Pregnant Mamas!

    How are all those pregnant mamas out there doing? We haven't talked in a couple weeks and I'm missing the updates. I'm 17 weeks today. I'm feeling good with only small waves of nausea. I'm starting to get a round belly and loving it. Working out this week didn't go so well. I was in CO...
  16. mfv3


    I think I'll be ordering cardio core circuit with my preorder :) What does everyone think of this workout? What equipment? How intense compared to other Cathe workouts? Any opinions welcome :) Thanks!
  17. mfv3

    Complex Step Choreography wanted

    I LOVE complex step choreography and dancy moves. Rhythmic Step and Step Moves are a couple of my favorites. I recently discovered Rebecca Small. I have her Step 2 Success and really like it. Can anyone recommend workouts by instructors who would fit into this category? What do you think...
  18. mfv3

    Top 3 LIS picks

    Ok so I think I may be the only one who doesn't have the LIS and I'm really craving it hearing everyone talk about it. I just invested in STS and a bunch of new equipment but you can never have enough Cathe right?! What are your top 3 favorite DVD's form the Low Impact Series?
  19. mfv3

    Barbell weight?

    I want to buy a barbell, along with plate weights of course. How much does your barbell weigh? How much does Cathe's barbell in STS weigh?
  20. mfv3

    Altus Turbo Tower

    What does everyone think about the Altus Turbo Tower? I think I'm going to buy the one on the Walmart website for $80. I'm on week 2 of mesocycle 1...been modifying the chin-ups with a band but would really like it do the real thing or shall I say TRY and do the real thing ;) Also seems like...