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  1. FiddleFit

    Cathe: changes to your fitness regime as you've gotten older?

    Hi Cathe, I was just reading an article about changes to fitness regimes once people turn 50, and I'm about to turn 50 this year, and much of the article resonates with me, particularly the bit about taking recovery and rest very seriously, getting enough sleep, and prioritizing mobility work...
  2. FiddleFit

    ICE premixes

    I’ve never really cottoned on to the ICE Series, and it’s sat on my shelves mostly, since it was released. I generally don’t like workouts that feel like a sequence of repetitive exercises, one after the other. I get bored quick. However, I dusted off the series this week, and started exploring...
  3. FiddleFit

    Check in for weight lifting, primarily?

    I LOVE the new mobile-friendly forums! This has made it possible for me to participate more regularly in the check ins. I’m focusing on resistance training these days, with minimal cardio. What’s the check in forum for that? Thank you!
  4. FiddleFit

    Which Check-in thread for bodybuilding?

    Hello, After years of following general all around conditioning approaches, I've decided to focus on weight lifting specifically. Which one of the check in forums are for people who focus primarily on body building? Thank you!
  5. FiddleFit

    Do Workout Blender workouts play in the On Demand App?

    Hi. I finally bought On-Demand, and have just created a workout in the Workout Blender (yay!). How can I stream my newly created workout, on my iphone? I downloaded the On-Demand App, but I don't see the workout anywhere in it. Thank you! Sandra
  6. FiddleFit

    January 2016 rotation

    I wonder what Cathe is planning to give us as a Jan/16 rotation! What are you hoping to see?
  7. FiddleFit

    ICE download problems

    Hello, I have attempted to download all of the ICE videos, with pretty good success. There are a few problems, however: 1. 4 downloads only partially downloaded, or "failed" to download: a. Low Impact - Back; b. Metabolic - Blast; c. Metabolic - Total Body; and d. To The Mat - Shoulders. 2. I...
  8. FiddleFit

    STS results - question

    Hi everyone, I just finished my umpteenth STS rotation, and once again find myself feeling like I could be on the college football team. My arms look wonderful! My back is a thing of glory! Glutes and legs are looking just dandy! But my waist...ugh! Is it just me, or does this program bulk up...
  9. FiddleFit


    The Cathe Live productions are fabulous! Can we have more variety in the music? In particular, there is one song that is used a lot in the live routines (and I think it's used a few times in RWH series). I realized when I was doing the Dec 3 routine (Power Step) that this one song was used...
  10. FiddleFit

    Rockout Knockout - such an amazing workout!

    Hi Cathe, Thank you so much for Rockout Knockout! I love, love, love this routine. The choreography is fantastic, the intensity level is perfect, and the music is so much fun. I have to resist putting this one in my rotations too often, so it stays fresh. Cheers,
  11. FiddleFit

    Cardio Coach question: doing "hills" while running outdoors

    Hi everyone, I'm wanting to start running outside in the morning, using my Cardio Coaches. What can I do during the "hill" challenges, when I'm running on flat sidewalks? Thank you! Sandra
  12. FiddleFit

    Kickbox Series

    I would love to see a workout series that is all kickbox cardio, with conditioning - taking the principles behind Hardstrikes, for example, and turning that into a series. I would especially appreciate a workout series that has no or minimal equipment, but that gives you daily cardio and...
  13. FiddleFit

    I just signed up for the road trip! Canadians - who's coming?

    I can't believe I just pulled off one of the biggest impulse buys in recent memory - I'm now committed to coming to Glassboro in July! I'm coming from Edmonton. Any other Canadians heading to the Road Trip? :D:)
  14. FiddleFit

    Cathe Live: descriptions

    Hi everyone, I'm new to Cathe Live, and as I peruse through the previously filmed workouts, I'm finding it hard to determine which one is appropriate for my need that day. For example, I did All-Step (July, 2014) last night, thinking I was going to get a steady-state choreographed step...
  15. FiddleFit

    Workout Manager: Calendar icon for Cathe Live?

    Hi! Is it possible to have a calendar icon created for Cathe Live workouts? Just one icon for all, not a separate one for each workout. Cheers
  16. FiddleFit

    Cathe Live - available on On Demand, indefinitely?

    Hi. I think the answer to this question is "Yes", but I just want confirmation: are the Cathe Live workouts available in the On Demand feature, indefinitely (meaning, they don't get removed after a week or so)? And is the $19.97 option for both Cathe Live and On Demand still in effect? Thanks...
  17. FiddleFit

    MIC - I'm gonna do it!

    I'm about to haul butt off the couch and do Maximum Intensity Cardio. I haven't done this workout in yeeears, and I used to use it as the gold-standard of fitness - if I could do that, I could do anything! I don't remember a whole lot about it except that I really liked the step choreography...
  18. FiddleFit

    Cathe - so cute!

    Cathe, that little lear you give to the camera in Low Impact HiiT #2, while saying "Is that a smile or a snarl?" cracks me up! It's right up there with the little butt wiggle you give in Body Blast's Legs & Glutes, when you think no one's looking. :D
  19. FiddleFit

    RWH: workout cards?

    Are there workout cards for the new weight workouts? If so, where can I find them? Thanks!
  20. FiddleFit

    Lift It Hit It - Legs

    Okay, that was hard :eek:. This new series is either going to kill me or make me stronger - there will be no in-between! Fantastic job, Cathe!! I heard the witch laugh, even though you were kind enough not to do it!