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  1. JannR

    50 and over week of January 3 check in

    Here we go 2010!! Wow!! I mentioned in the other thread I plan to start STS/Shock tomorrow. Today I am planning to finish up on Tracie's new set. I also wanted to say Happy one Year Anniversary for some of us -- We have been a group for one year now!! Here's to another year with the 50 and...
  2. JannR

    How'd I miss these

    Cathe's Strength gloves And the Fitness multi-use gloves are in stock Now if the travel fit bands show up, I'll be all set! :D
  3. JannR

    50 and over week of Sept 20-26 check in

    I jumped on the treadmill to get some cardio in and help warm up my legs so that I could get a good stretch in... Oh my legs from disc 3 :p Workout cards are done for Week 2! Let's work-work ladies!
  4. JannR

    50 and over week of May 10 check in

    Happy Mothers Day Moms! :D I did drill max premix 3 this morning. I like that premix! I did what I could of the weight part and watched and laughed at the plate part of abs. I really hope one day I can actually do the plate part… that would be an awesome accomplishment for me!! :) I'll...
  5. JannR

    50 and over week of April 12

    Hi girls! It's Tuesday so I thought I should get our week started. ;) I checked out the 50's social group. I'll PM them and see if we can expand our little group here. :D We can be stronger in numbers. Joan I hope you are seeing the light by now. Beth How's Meso 3 coming along? The...
  6. JannR

    You are subscribed to this thread 50 and over week of Feb 1 check-in

    Hi group! I just finished Burn it Off Intervals and I really burned some calories today. :D I can't wait to start reading everyone's opinions on STS. It's so exciting to finally have it. Magnolia have you decided on CLX? I think there was a Cathe rotation floating of just premixes. Have you...
  7. JannR

    Nutrition Software Screen Size

    Is there a way to make the NW screen full size?
  8. JannR

    TPR Non Latex Stretch Bands

    Does anyone know if the colors of the stretch bands from Fitness by Cathe are different intensities and is so what they are? Pink, Blue and Green. Thanks! :D
  9. JannR

    Workout Room

  10. JannR

    My favorites in NS

    It seems I can't keep my favorites my own.:o Today again I went in to delete items that were not mine and I got an error You don't have permission to access /members/ on this server. I know I was signed in as me I was entering my meals. :( Help.
  11. JannR

    Did I miss the thread about the 10%

    discount for premium membership? How do we apply it to our Fitness by Cathe orders? :D TIA!
  12. JannR

    STS T's are available

    in Shop Cathe!! :D
  13. JannR

    Something interesting....

    fyi - Today when I tried to log into WM from the forums I had to type my user name JannR to get in. If I typed jannr it just went to redirecting and back to sign on screen. :D
  14. JannR


    wrong place..