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  1. atompki1

    On Demand experience

    I am 'THIS' close to signing up for On Demand. The upgrades being made to the platform sound really nice(specifically chaptering). I think the online Workout Blender will be the clincher for me. How is your experience with the service so far?
  2. atompki1


    Anybody had one? I'm looking at one in the next month or so. I will need the abdominal type(incision in tummy). Wondering if the recovery will be similar to the two c-sections I had. TIA
  3. atompki1

    Heavy Bag

    For those of you that have a heavy you feel like the expense of the bag has been worth it? I'm thinking about getting one later this year, but I'm having a hard time justifying the cost. I'm not sure I would even use it once a week and it seems like it would be hard to move around...
  4. atompki1

    Severe Weather

    Hoping everyone is able to stay safe if you are in an area being hit by this nasty weather!!
  5. atompki1


    Any one have it yet? I'm thinking about getting it and I'm wondering what folks thing about it. I'm also wondering what the workout schedule is like(i.e. 5 or 6 day a week schedule). Thanks to anyone that knows anything about it :)
  6. atompki1

    Puzzle Mats...again

    Sorry to be beating a dead horse here. I know this has been discussed before, and I have read the threads...BUT.... My exercise room was just tiled with ceramic tile and I need to put some cushion in the room. I don't want to drop a weight and chip the tile. I will not be doing aerobics in...
  7. atompki1

    Back definition....

    Which workouts have you found to really define the upper back area? I'd like to get a little more definition here if possible. Thanks
  8. atompki1

    Am I the only one....

    who is beginning to itch for the new workouts???? I keep telling myself 'Be patient...they will give the updates when there is something to say' But that isn't working for me anymore :eek:
  9. atompki1

    STS + Spinning = STARVING!!

    Holy heck I am like a bottomless pit today. I don't seem to be able to get enough food :eek: I'm in my 2nd week of M2 and I'm increasing my efforts with my spinning and my body is like FEED ME NOW!! Luckily I've got some zucchini & tomatoes in the fridge :D Anyone mind sharing snack...
  10. atompki1

    Ab work

    How often do you do ab work? Wondering what everyone is finding to be most effective.
  11. atompki1

    Jacket for hiking

    I was wondering if anyone could provide a recommendation for a nice jacket I can wear for an upcoming hiking trip. I've been looking at a North Face jacket, but they are sooooooooo expensive :mad: I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a different brand that works as well. I'm looking for...
  12. atompki1

    I have a love/hate relationship with...

    my foam roller :mad: I pulled it out today because my legs were really tight. That thing makes me cry out at times. My family just looks at me like I'm crazy!! But I feel so much better afterwards :D
  13. atompki1

    How to classify spinning workouts?

    Do you consider spinning a steady state cardio workout or more interval? I'm specifically thinking of Ride and CycleMax?
  14. atompki1

    FINALLY starting STS!!

    I've owned STS for almost a year now and I'm FINALLY starting it. I attempted to start it last summer, but life got in the way. I'm all set to start tomorrow and I'm really looking forward to it!! :D
  15. atompki1

    Spinning is freaking awesome!!

    My new spin bike(Sole SB700) is here and I was able to do my first ever spin workout this morning. My goal was 30 minutes of CycleMax...BUT...I was able to get through the ENTIRE thing...whoot whoot!!! I don't think my tension was quite as high as Cathe and crew or even as high as I could go...
  16. atompki1

    Who is the crazy one??

    I did Lower Body Blast for the first time today. Holy Cow!! At one point towards the end my legs were so tired all I could do was laugh as I rested every so often to try to get as many reps as I possibly could!! After I was done I made a comment to DH that Cathe was crazy. He said: I think YOU...
  17. atompki1

    Ride vs CycleMax

    My new spin bike is being delievered today....whoot whoot!! I'm new to spinning(never even done one workout before) and I want to ease in a bit as I know that spinning is pretty tough. Can anyone tell me which you would consider easiest...Ride or CycleMax? Additionally, any types you can...
  18. atompki1

    STS and Horizontal Conditioning

    Has anyone done STS along with Horizontal Conditioning? If so, how did you work HC into STS?
  19. atompki1

    It's official.....

    I'm a Cathe addict :eek: I believe I now own just about all of her collection. I only discovered her last Feb :eek: She's going to send me to the poor house, but I'm going to look good while I'm there :D
  20. atompki1

    Kale Chips make me HUNGRY!!

    I'm trying to add more veggies to my diet so I tried Kale Chips this week. They are super easy and quite tasty, but what I find really surprising is that they make me hungry :confused: Maybe it's the salt?? Anyone else every have a veggie make them feel hungry?