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    DDP Yoga

    Anyone have this workout? Opinions please! TIA! :) Linda
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    I love Great Glutes!!!

    I love all the new workouts that I ordered, but Great Glutes is my favorite! Just the perfect mix! I work glutes a lot and still got some nice DOMS from it! :D
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    New Workouts

    I can't wait for the new workouts, especially Great Glutes and Lean Legs and Abs. What new workouts are you most excited to get?
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    Vegan protein powder

    Has anyone tried a protein powder that is without whey, dairy, soy, gluten, gmos and is mostly organic? TY! Linda:)
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    Barre workouts

    Would love to hear any results or success stories from barre and/or mat workouts. Starting to like barre for my legs over weights these days, and wonder about long term results. I have a ton of barre dvds including Turbo Barre, which I love! Thx! Linda :)
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    Ipad ???

    I want to start a thread on here with a picture but don't know how to get the pic from my photos to here using my ipad. Anyone?
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    Has anyone ever switched from a synthetic thyroid med to Armour? If so, opinions please! Thanks!
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    Facebook Friends

    Definitely don't have a whole lot in common with most of my FB friends. I post about working out, eating healthy, juicing, etc. without too much response. So glad I can always come here when I want to read about and discuss these things! Thanks Cathe! :D Linda
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    Red Palm Oil

    Anyone try this? If so I have a question, thanks.
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    What X-TRAIN workouts have you done so far??

    On Saturday I did disc 1 (Chest, Back & Shoulders) and today I did disc 2 (Bi's & Tri's). Loved them both!:D
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    Got mine in Florida!!!

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    Super Angel juicer

    Does anyone own a Super Angel 5500 juicer? If so can you please review it, thinking of buying one today but would love reviews other than amazon, thanks! Linda :)
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    I have been hypothyroid for almost 20 years. Every year I get blood work to make sure my meds are correct. Every few years they have to increase my meds slightly. I have been on my current meds for several years. Last year I was bordering on being hypo again, but he left my meds the same. Now...
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    Juicer Recommendations

    Hi, I want to get myself a juicer for my B-day and have no clue which one to get. I have been reading reviews but would love your opinions as well. TIA! :) Linda
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    Organic Food

    Just curious how many of you eat organic food?? I try to eat all organic fruits and veggies and eggs, along with antibiotic free meats.
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    Has anyone with this condition switched from synthetic meds to natural ones?? :) Linda
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    Who ordered???

    I ordered the 10 dvds. Can't wait!!!:D
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    Anyone try this??
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    Your Ideal Day

    I know so many places are having extreme heat these days. Some people like it hot. I was just curious to see the different opinions on everyones ideal day. I think mine would be 78 and sunny, although I do love the occasional rain storm. I have seen enough snow for a life-time being from...