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  1. kittymom

    Update on pull up tower?

    I have not been on the forums much lately, is there any news on the pull up tower? Thanks, Shannon
  2. kittymom

    Pull up Tower

    Does anyone know when this is supposed to ship? I have not been on the forums lately. Thanks, Shannon
  3. kittymom

    Best way to lose body fat?

    I just had my second baby six weeks ago. I have STS and really want to start but I am not sure if this is going to be the best way to blast body fat. I dont know if I should do all cardio first to burn the fat then weight train or if I should just jump in with cardio and weight training at the...
  4. kittymom

    Second Child?

    I had my son in October of last year and I have since found out I am pregnant again and due in April. I have noticed with this pregnancy I am showing faster than I did with Nicholas. Did you show quicker with your second? Thanks, Shannon
  5. kittymom

    Treadmill question

    I am looking at getting a new treadmill. Does anyone have any sugestions on a good treadmill? I am looking to get a NordicTrack C2155. TIA, Shannon
  6. kittymom

    How do you do it?

    I am 5 mo prego and thinking about after I have the baby. How do you fit your workout in with a newborn and a job? TIA, Shannon;)
  7. kittymom

    Is it Ok?

    to use tooth whiteners while pregnant? TIA, Shannon
  8. kittymom

    What did you do for exercise?

    Well I had my first checkup. The doctor told me it was very important that I maintain my exercise routine. She told just to lower the intensity and no high impact. I would like to know what Cathe workouts you did? I have every Cathe workout and I also have every Firm workout. I am now 8...
  9. kittymom

    Have a Question

    I took a HPT on Friday and it was positive. I called the doctor today and the receptionist will not get me in until March 8. She said the doctor will not see me until I am at least 8 weeks. Is this normal? I thought for sure they would have me come in to confirm or something. Thank You...
  10. kittymom

    Famous Daves Self Tanning lotion

    Has anyone used this product? What did you think? TIA, Shannon
  11. kittymom

    Need to lose body fat & not weight

    What is the best method for this? I have all of Cathes workouts. I try to workout five days a week. Any suggestions would be helpful. TIA, Shannon
  12. kittymom

    Another P90X Question

    I only get 30 minutes a day to workout. Can the P90X rotation be done for only 30 minutes a day and still be effective? TIA, Shannon
  13. kittymom


    I have a question for you. My husband and I have been ttc since April. In April I came off the pill, after sixteen years. Since coming off the pill my cycles have been on a consistant 21 day basis. This month my period is late I am now on day 23 (Monday). My periods have never been late even...
  14. kittymom


    My doc is starting me on clomid day 5-9 of my next cycle. For those of you that used it, how long did it take you to conceive? My husband and I have been ttc since April and i have been having irregular periods since. I had been on the pill for 16 yrs. Any input would be helpful. TIA...
  15. kittymom

    Irregular periods and TTC

    My husband and I have been ttc our first child since April. I came off of 16 years of bc on 4/8/06 and ever since then I have had a period every two weeks. My OBGYN ordered blood work and I go tomorrow for the results, she would not discuss them with me over the phone which was a little scary...
  16. kittymom

    How long before you tested?

    My husband and I are ttc. I think we may have done it! I "feel" pregnant, but was wondering how soon I can test with a home pregnancy test? I hope Im right, Im so excited! TIA, Shannon
  17. kittymom

    Blind Pets

    My cat is a diabetic and monday night he went into real bad diabetic shock. He has been having ceasures and the vet told me he is now blind. I have been crying uncontrollably for two days. Is he going to have a quality life being blind? I am trying to figure out the best thing for him. The...
  18. kittymom

    Short Luteal Phase

    My husband and I have been ttc since April and I am starting to wonder if I have a short luteal phase. I only get six days from ovulation to period start. What options are there to correct this? I have been using a Ovulation monitor to find out when I am ovulating so I do believe the six days...
  19. kittymom

    Evening Primrose Oil

    I have been reading that Evening Primrose Oil can help conception. Has anyone tried this and what kind of experience did you have? I am 32 will be 33 tomorrow and really want to be prego by Christmas so I am looking for anything that will help. I got off the pill in April and I know that it...
  20. kittymom

    Pull ups

    What is a good sub exercise for pull ups. I had to take my pull up bar down and want to start a new P90X rotation. TIA, Shannon