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  1. MSJ

    possible bug with calendar

    Hi--when I go to the workout manager and click on my calendar, all the workout icons pop up briefly and then disappear. Everything was working fine until today. It's not a huge crisis or anything, just a very minor annoyance--thought I'd let you know. Thanks
  2. MSJ

    Baby Gwen has arrived :)

    Hi Everyone! This is the condensed version--pics are posted on my profile page, if anyone is interested. It's a good thing I left for the hospital when I did or she would have been born on I205:eek:. I was almost at 9cm when I arrived at the hospital, although I wimped out and got a speedy...
  3. MSJ

    ++++Sunday preggos/ttc check in+++++

    Hi Ladies--since I'm the insomniac today, I guess I'll start:p I've hit the stage where time is just creeping and I feel that I will never give birth. ++++ Susan--I'm glad you got dd back all safe and sound. I always worry a bit when they are away, even though I enjoy my alone time...
  4. MSJ

    ++++Saturday Preggos/TTC++++++

    Wow--I've never started a thread here way out on the west coast. Going to be a quiet day? Good news on ds and his penis. The doctor confirmed that the circumcision was performed poorly, but that the issue with the little skin pockets will resolve itself by the time ds hits puberty. If...
  5. MSJ

    a question for parents whose kids play sports

    ...or anyone else who wants to chime in. My Ds has played organized sports for years with some great and not so great coaches. This year he is playing freshman football and the coaches swear constantly--I mean like dropping the f-bomb in every other sentence, not just when they are mad or...
  6. MSJ

    premix suggestion

    I can't find the thread for suggesting premixes--sorry. I'd love to see a premix with a bootcamp/kickbox/leg circuit--like a bootcamp drill or two, a kickbox drill and a leg weight section--something like that. I'd also love to see a bootcamp circuit like the original Bootcamp. Maggie:)
  7. MSJ

    great customer service from SNM

    Hi ladies! Just had to let you all know that I had an issue with a couple of dvds I ordered (the first dvd problem I've had in 4 1/2 years) and Nancy dealt with it quickly and it's oh so easy for me--she is sending me the new discs and all I have to do is put the damaged ones in an envelope...
  8. MSJ

    Texas governor mandates STD vaccine for all school age ...

    This is relating to the other thread where we discussed Merk's lobbying to make this vaccine mandatory. Well, it has happened. I hope this link works. If not, just google "texas governor mandates vaccine" and you'll find it. I'm opposed to mandatory...
  9. MSJ

    something to consider if you buy a treadmill

    We just bought a treadmill. The box was the size of a coffin and about as heavy. It was a small nightmare to get the hurking 300 lb thing from our garage where the delivery guy left it to the basement where we wanted it. I'm surprised that we are both in one piece. It was huge, heavy and...
  10. MSJ

    Hey 40something!

    Thank you for the freezing suggestion you posted on the "ask Cathe" forum. My drill max is freezing during drill 4 (my player is only a couple of years old and has no other problems with other cathe dvds), but your suggestion of pressing stop then play worked and got me thru the freeze without...
  11. MSJ

    scrambled eggs premix?

    Okay, so I should probably just ask Cathe, but she's probably busy and someone else will ask sooner or later, but this was listed as one of the premixes for body max 2 on the blog-- What do you think it is? I'm intrigued because the premixes usually don't have such creative names...
  12. MSJ

    Susan! (SCM)

    If I remember correctly, you were scheduled for a c-section on the 31st. I hope all went well and look forward to hearing from you and to hearing about that sweet newborn baby. We are sure enjoying ours! take care Maggie:)
  13. MSJ

    Evangeline Gloria has arrived!

    And, I was not induced:7 :7 :7 . Okay, so I wake up Tuesday morning at 3:00 am and felt a little nauseaus, so I lay down and watched a movie, during the course of which I began to have contractions about 10 min apart, but did not pay much attention because this had happened several times...
  14. MSJ

    moms 2 be check in week of Jan 8

    Hi there everyone! I'm due today, but still here. I thought that being dialated to a 4 meant that labor was just around the corner. Apparently not--one can be in this state for weeks. But not me. I'm scheduled for an induction at 7 am tomorrow morning. I feel guilty about this, but not...
  15. MSJ

    moms 2 be check in 12/18

    Hi ladies, I guess I'll start this week. It is freezing cold here in Oregon and we are expecting freezing rain tonight, which means I will miss my 37 week app't tomorrow. I'll drive in snow in a pinch, but not freezing rain. It's like an ice rink. I'm not really conserned about missing...
  16. MSJ


    Melanie--when is your induction? (or is it a scheduled c section, I can't remember). All I know is that it is soon. Let me know, so I can be praying for you. Hang in there--you're almost there. Maggie:)
  17. MSJ

    Is anyone else excited about the boxing workouts?

    I've read a number of comments where people are not enthusiasic about the upcoming boxing workouts, which is fine, but I think they sound really great. My husband has always encouraged me to work boxing elements into my workout routine, but pounding away at the bag in our spidery dark...
  18. MSJ

    i've been exposed to fifths disease

    A mom from our bible study called me yesterday to let me know that her daughter had been diagnosed with fifths disease and that her pediatrician wanted me to call my ob. Apparently there is a small risk of still birth associated with this. does anyone have any experience or knowledge of...
  19. MSJ

    Autumn (or others)

    My OB at my last appointment lectured me on not gaining too much weight because having large babies would eventually be hard on my body. He did not tell me why or how this would be hard on my body and from his tone of voice, I was too shy to ask. I had no problem delivering Bardric, who was...
  20. MSJ

    fit moms--time for a new thread

    Hi everyone--Ashley, Briee, Shopaholic, Emy, Autumn, Melanie, and Smiley. I hope I didn't forget anyone. If I did forgive me. My brain is fried. It's been a rough week. I thought I'd start a new thread, because the other one was almost a month old. I have thrown away my scale. The last...