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    Calories burned

    Does anyone know how many calories one can burn doing the new DVD's? Thanks Denise
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    I am wanting to order some Amy Bento dvd's...wondering what people's experiences with Deep have been???? TIA Denise :-)
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    The Secret is out!

    A while ago I was posting about an incredible movie that I was able to view online for free, and then later actually bought the dvd. My life has been forever changed by the impact of this movie. I just wanted to let you all know that Oprah is having a show about the movie The Secret on...
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    Compression pantyhose for reduction of cellulite??

    I remember seeing something about some new pantyhose that reduce the apperance of cellulite...anyone ever heard of these??
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    The new turbo jam ball workouts....

    Happy New Year everyone in Catheland! I was just over on the Beachbody site and noticed that Turbo jam has 2 new Ball workouts....looks very much like segments from Drill Max. Has anyone tried these new workouts yet? I just thought they looked interesting... :-)
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    Just wondering???

    I bought my first pair of pantyhose in a long while a week or so ago, just went to CVS and picked up a pair. I bought them for support as my legs were aching at work, thought they would help out..not to mention I have a few more varicose veins then I would like to have. Since I have been wearing...
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    SNM is replacing all of our DVD's due to defective mast...

    Hey everyone!! I just read on the ask Cathe forum that SNM is replacing all of our DVD's...EVERYONE who bought DVD's will get replacements!! There was a error in the master disc from which all the workouts were copied from, so they are fixing the problem and replacing ALL of our workouts...
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    Just did Drill Max yesterday!!!

    I love Drill Max...even the warm up is fun fun fun! I Love the music!! The music seems have a faster beat per minute than any of the other older Cathe workouts, plus I love a techno sound. Cathe's cueing is excellent as always and I had no problem following along with all the moves. It is so...
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    9400's must be getting shipped

    I am number 9429 and I just got shipping notice for October 31st... Wahooooooooooooooooooooooo! I am doing the happy dance... the happy dance :+ :+ :+ :+ :+ :+ :+ :+ :+ :+ :+ :+ :+ :+ :+ :+ :+ :+ :+ :+ :+ :+ I forgot to add that I am from Indiana
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    My Otomix pants...

    Not very long ago I posted about my recent Otomix purchase, I bought the camo pants and a black top. I am still pleased with my purchase, however my pants have shruk significantly and they are almost too short now, intitally they were almost way too long (I thought I was going to have to hem...
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    My dreams...what to do?

    OK ladies!! I know that I posted before about moving to Arizona area, as I live in Indiana..YUCK! I am feeling more and more strongly about moving..I hate living here and feel that there is more for me in Arizona.. I am an RN and I am very interested in plastic surgery, my dream job would...
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    New workouts clothing question

    I have noticed that a lot of gals on here want to buy the clothes that you wear in your workouts, have you ever thought of selling your own clothing line..or thought of selling the items you wear in your workouts on your site? I am sure that would make a lot of ladies very very happy..LOL! :-)
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    My Otomix review

    I recently ordered some stuff from Otomix and thought I would give it a review here. I bought the new Camouflage cargo pants$46.00 and a long sleeve scoop neck tee $26.00. I have to say that the packaging of the item was quite poor, the box was really torn up when I finally got it..and I...
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    A little worried...

    Over the last 3-4 months I have noticed a steady decline in my ability to get through my Cathe workouts, previous I could go the entire 60-90 minutes and even beyond without stopping or anything. Now when I workout I have to stop and catch my breath and then begin again...Highly unusal! So I...
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    Supernova, Rockstar

    Anyone else watching??? I hope that Toby wins, he is my favorite! He is hot and sexy! Am I the only one that thinks that the whole Dilana thing is all a bunch of drama created by the show? I really don't understand the whole thing....I am thinking that it was a ploy used to reduce interest...
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    Can you help?

    I am trying to find cheap storage baskets, by cheap I mean a basket for $10.00-$14.00. I want a plain wicker basket.. I am looking for a basket with very specific dimentions, I am looking for a 12 High,12-16 Long,12 Wide. The baskets are for storage under a bench my hubby is building me for my...
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    Slim in 6???

    Hey everyone! I just watched an ad for Beachbody's Slim in 6..interesting. I was wondering how many people have tried it, and what kind of results you had using it. I really like Beachbody products; P90X and Turbo jam and even the one YBB freebie I got with my Turbo's. I have seen a...
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    Cathe is going to start a Blog ....

    Check it out! So COOL! :-) :-)
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    CATHE and I went CAMPING !!!

    Hey everyone! Did I fool you all?? LOLOLOL! Actually I did take Cathe with me camping this past week and we had a blast!! I took along my high step & risers and 8, 12, 15's hand weights and all my workouts.. including TJ's fat blaster!!!LOL!! I am sure our camp site buddies thought I...
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    Here is a great workout tip

    Yesterday, while I was doing Gym Style legs and I got to the calf raises off the step..I realized that if I put my yoga sticky mat over the top it kept my toes from slipping off the back of the step, and I felt more comfortable letting a bit more of my heel hang off the end of the step. Just...