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  1. john_and_am

    STS completed and FRS

    Hello everyone, One last workout left and the wife and I will be done with STS! Woo hoo! Our plan next, I think we'll do two days of mixed STS workouts, one day of Bowflex and one day of jogging. That should work really well. Then after the very hot summer, we'll do the full program all over...
  2. john_and_am

    Need 3 STS questions answered please

    So far, my wife and I are into Meso 2, week 3. The workouts have been great. Some sets are a bit rushed. Having to use the pause button at times to either catch my breath or get my weights, set up the step. Question 1: I'm a bit perplexed about the leg exercises. I am constantly feeling...
  3. john_and_am

    Low Impact for Beginners?

    I need some help. My Mom needs to start exercising. She is 62 and wants to strength train. She obviously needs something low impact for her age and the fact that she never exercised. I think bands would be great and some light weights, but I'm not sure if Cathe has a DVD for this type of...
  4. john_and_am

    1RM Calculator - Multiple Users?

    My husband and I are both planning to start STS this week. We wanted to try the 1RM calculator on the site but it only seems to allow one user. Am I missing something? We'd like to do the calculations for both of us. Also, about how long does it take to calculate the 1RM for all of the...
  5. john_and_am

    Our three cents

    To Cathe, I just want to say that you are an absolute inspiration! I was very humbled by your intense workouts and your way of coaching on videos is perfect. You have a great personality for it. My wife and I really enjoy these workouts more than any other we have tried. With that being said...