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    Just a quick question. Is there free shipping for the preorder? I thought I read that it was free shipping, but when I put it my order there is a list of shipping options and none of them are free. Just wanted to double check before completing my preorder. Thanks! Jen Sent from my...
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    Black Friday WAGS discount?

    Has anybody seen a coupon code for WAGS for Black Friday? I'd like to get a pair and I remember a few years back they had an incredible deal. I'm hoping they have one again! Thanks for your help! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Deleted STS 1RM????

    I'm really hoping somebody can help me. I wanted to redo my 1RM since it has been well over a year since doing them (and working out as well). I went to the 1RM screen in the workout manager. I clicked on all the exercises and hit delete. I thought I was deleting all my recorded weights, but I...
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    Iphone App not working?

    Is anybody else having trouble with the app? The other day I wasn't able to get into the app at all, so I deleted it and was going to reinstall it. But I can't find it in the app store at all! I had my husband search and he couldn't find it either. Sometimes it says no results found and...
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    How to make changes to a rotation in Workout Manager

    I'm completely stumped. I downloaded the XTrain/LIS rotation to my calendar. But I would like to add a rest week at the end of each month. I can't figure out how to move workouts to a different day (or move weeks at a time). Can someone please help me out? Thanks!!!
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    CTX upper body and leaner legs problems

    Have a ton of downloads. They work great and when I open them they open through my ITunes. But when I downloaded CTX Upper Body and CTX Leaner Legs, they open through quick time. Why don't they open through ITunes? I also downloaded High Step Challenge at the same time. The high step video...
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    Slide and Glide Cardio section

    I'm following the LIS rotation and tomorrow I do Slide and Glide Cardio only and upper body Tri-Sets. I have the downloads, and I'm not sure how to only get the cardio section. I saw in the Workout Manager that the cardio section is chapter 6, but the downloads aren't chaptered (at least that...
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    2 questions with pre-sale

    1). When does the presale deal end? 2). I prefer downloads to DVDs. Do we get a 30% discount on a download? Or does this only apply for DVDs? (I hope not!) Thanks!
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    Wrists hurt while doing push-ups

    Usually I put a rolled up towel under the heel of my palm to raise my wrists a little, which seems to help. I'm new to Cathe and starting to do the new LIS series. The pushups are so fast (ie mount climbers into pushups) or we are traveling doing push ups that the towel idea doesn't work. Is...
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    Total body trisets bonus-download

    I downloaded the bonus but it is only 3 min of back lunges. Is this correct? I tried downloading it again but the same thing happened. It just seemed odd to me that this was it. Thank you!
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    15% discount on downloads

    I emailed customer service but haven't heard anything yet (I know they are super busy right now). I thought I would try asking here since tomorrow is the last day for the special. I am going to order a bunch of downloads (and get 50% off). Am I able to also use the 15% discount as well? I...
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    STS download bundle

    Does anyone know if STS Total Body is included in the download bundle? Thanks!
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    Cord to hook Iphone to tv?

    I'm almost at the point where I'm ready to hit that order button for the downloads...just one more thing. Since we can't make a DVD of a download, I've heard we can hook our IPhones/IPods to the tv. What kind of cord do I need and how do I know if I have that connection on my tv? I hope the...
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    Download to DVD?

    Just a quick question-can a download be put onto a DVD to play on the tv, or do you have to get the cord to hook the laptop up to the tv. Thanks!
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    Cardio core circuit premixes?

    I'm just wondering what kind remixes are on this DVD. I was planning on downloading it, but the core is my weakest part and thought maybe it would be better to have different mixes and therefore the DVD would be better. Thanks guys!
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    Balance ball size?

    I thought we had a balance ball, but was unable to find it in the garage at all. So I went to target to get one. I'm only 5ft 2in so I got the 55 cm one. Web I blew it up it seems so small! I guess at the gym they just had the bigger sizes, nothing for us short people. :) So my question...
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    AM workout/what to eat???

    My plan had been to workout in the evenings after everything was done. The problem that I have run into is that I never get everything done-esp with two little ones! Lol! So I am going to start getting up at 4 am to get my workout in. I know some people workout on an empty stomach that...
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    Muscle endurance vs. Muscle strength

    I'm just wondering what the difference is between the two and the benefits of each one. Should I concentrate more on one than the other, or switch it up every couple weeks? Thanks so much!
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    Downloads vs. Dvd's

    Thought I would ask for people's opinions one more time since time is running out for the discount. I was planning on buying a ton of downloads (much more affordable for me than the DVDs), but after hearing a couple say how long it takes to download I'm starting to rethink this (but then won't...
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    I'm really confused. I have a ton of downloads that I'm planning on getting. When I put the coupon code in for the discounts my total went UP about $30. Why isn't the coupon working??? :(. Thanks for your help!