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  1. pie

    Todays lesson a trampoline is not a rebounder

    They sound and look like fun. However, our local news station just did a long segment on the dangers of trampoline parks. I'd be surprised if these last. There have been quite a few accidents........ :)
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    Fifty Shades

    Now, this is definitely "yucking" on someone else's "yum". Exactly why do you feel the need to post such a personal negative comment? Books, movies, toys, etc., have been used to spice up relationships for many years. This does not mean the relationship is lacking. Maybe you should just focus on...
  3. pie

    Fifty Shades

    Read all 3 books. Absolutely could not put them down. The movie is in the works. Ian Somerhalder is the front runner for Christian. I have to say that I think he is very fitting for the role...... :D
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    Any MyFitnessPal users?

    I'm also on MFP and would love more friends. My username is pie1973. :D
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    What nutrition database/calorie counter do you use?

    I also use MFP and love it!!! I could never stick to counting calories before finding that site. I've been on for about two months now. :)
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    Check YouTube but be sure to include the XT. There are more clips, success stories, and actual people doing the workouts. This will give you a better feel for if it's something you would like. :)
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    I'm currently in week 2 and I love it. It is very different from any of my other workouts. It's not as intense as Insanity and has more of a kickboxing flair. It uses bands and body weight. There are lots of push-up and plank variations. I swear my arms are already starting to look more...
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    Just saw The Hunger Games

    I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. I do wish it was 3 hours to include more details but the characters were perfect. Even though I knew what was going to happen, to see it all acted out was very emotional. I almost lost it at the beginning when they went to the reaping. :o DebbieH, I found the...
  9. pie

    Just saw The Hunger Games

    We are going tomorrow. My dd (who's 12) and I read all 3 books and loved them. We even have mockingjay pins. I'm happy to hear that they stuck closely to the book. I will report back.......:D
  10. pie

    Personalized Video From Santa

    Thanks for sharing!!! I'm sending these to all 3 of my kids and their ages 12, 10 & 3....... :D
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    Supreme 90 day: Who has tried this?

    The set is at Ross for $6.99....... :D
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    Advice needed on Nov LIS rotation

    Where can I find the November LIS only rotation? Thanks...... :)
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    My Great Answer to an Interviewer's Question

    Great answer and I'm sure "unique". :)
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    Low impact series clips? presale length?

    Good question. I'd like to know this to. :)
  15. pie

    Who's preparing their garden?

    I purchased seeds and planted some tomatoes, bell peppers, okra and squash. The seeds have all sprouted and are growing pretty fast except my peppers. I will probably transfer them to my earth boxes this weekend..... :)
  16. pie

    Thoughts on Chalene Extreme???

    I loved CLX. The workouts are short and effective. I lost 20 lbs with the 3 month rotation. I am doing my first STS rotation now, and I also love it. You definitely have to go heavy to get results with CLX. I honestly consider it my best fitness purchase...... :)
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    Sean T's ASYLUM--Now available!

    Yes! I got my shipping notice. 4/13 expected delivery..... :D
  18. pie

    Sean T's ASYLUM--Now available!

    I ordered and can't wait to combine it with STS!! :D
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    MMMMMM, I'm lovin' it!

    I believed it. I figured that you got your food from Burger King, then went to Mcdonalds for your shake. You know the saying, "everything in moderation". :o
  20. pie

    I received my tower!

    I just got mine about a week ago too and I love it. The amazon price really can't be beat.....:D