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  1. aimeefit


    Hi Cathe , I would love to see a low impact series that uses kettlebells and bands. Especially an Afterburn 2 using them! Thanks for considering! Amy
  2. aimeefit

    Did Ride yesterday on the treadmill......

    Hi guys!!! I saw a thread about using Ride on the treadmill. I have a bike with a trainer, but I got curious beacuse I love to walk and run! Guess what? It works! Beautifully too! The beat for inbetween the intervals worked out to 4.1-4.2mph. Naturally I could do the hill climbs at a faster pace...
  3. aimeefit


    Did this one this morning. FANTASTIC!!!! Love the heavy weights! This is series seems almost too good to be true!!! Thank you Cathe!!
  4. aimeefit


    Another winner in my book!!! I was worried about my joints and the plyo, but the cardio sections are short enough that it didn't seem to bother them. Yay!! Fantastic music and fantastic moves! BTW, the step portion is all classic Cathe revisited. I was THRILLED!!! I love the classics and can't...
  5. aimeefit


    I love love love this workout!!! I asked my DH, "If this is any indicator of the whole series, how will Cathe EVER top herself?" Today was the first day to the start of my rotation and I can't think of a better way to have kicked it off :) !!!!
  6. aimeefit

    The Zone???

    Anyone here on the Zoe or 40/30/30 eating plan?? I've been on it for a week now, and I'm loving how I feel! I've even lost 1.5lbs!! I'm just wondering what kind of results you all got on it. Thanks for any info!! Aimee
  7. aimeefit

    It's me!! Aimee and Competition bound!!

    Hi everyone!! my computer died and right now we're borowing a friend's computer and I can't log in as competition bound or aimee!! So I am now aimeefit:-)!! Anyway, I have some news and I'm afraid you all will be disappointed in me. I have decided not to do the contest in May. I am not ready to...