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  1. Barbara P

    Firewalker bands with LIS series???

    Were we supposed to get a package of firewalker bands with the new series? I was doing the Athletic Training and when we started the firewalkers, Cathe made a comment to the effect of Hey you got blue firewalkers in your package if this is too easy (or something like that). I did not get...
  2. Barbara P

    Training for the RT while recovering from injury

    Hi all! I'm so excited to go again on the Glassboro RT. My plan *was* to start STS the week of April 4 when I returned from a cruise. Well April 3 I was lugging my luggage - a 58# wheeled checked bag (I know how much it weighed as they weigh when you check it) and two large shoulder...
  3. Barbara P

    I have looked but don't have time-moving workouts from the blender to ipod

    I have created several custom workouts in the workout blender. I am now attempting to move them to my iPod / iTunes. They will not move. I've tried moving them to iTunes itself from the blender, and from the blender folder to itunes, from the blender folder to the iTunes folder with other...
  4. Barbara P

    sign up?

    When can we sign up? I went last year for the first time and cannot wait to go back!! I'm on a cruise from 3/23 until 4/3 so I hope it's not during that time! ;)
  5. Barbara P

    High Step topper?

    Is it out of stock? I cannot find it in Shop Cathe, and a search returned the words High Step Topper with "topper" crossed off.... I have it, but I'm trying to get a link for a friend. TIA
  6. Barbara P

    Chapter descriptions on Downloads

    Are they listed anywhere (prior to purchase....) I downloaded Muscle Endurance. I own the DVD. I have purchased several downloads where I already own the DVD because I want to create my own mixes...the purpose of the workout blender I assume. Anyway, ME is one of my favorite workouts. BUT...
  7. Barbara P

    Is this where you open a ticket

    I have no idea. Anyway, all of the new workouts downloaded and imported except the Intensity Bootcamp one. It said the link was expired. I know this means that supposedly I exceeded 9 attempts, but I don't think I tried downloading that one more than 9 while the others were not more than...
  8. Barbara P

    NONE of the new workouts will not load in my workout blender

    The only one that will load is Lower Body Blast Leg Drills. None of the other ones will. I have tried from where I saved them on my computer, and also from iTunes. I get This video format is not supported. Please visit to purchase.... I did purchase all of them - specifically and...
  9. Barbara P

    Not all of Cathe's Downloads are compatible with the Workout Blender

    who knew? I just figured if it was a Cathe download, it would be compatible. I purchased (among others) Upper Body Split as a download specifically for the Blender, I own it on DVD already. It won't import to the blender. I asked about it and was told it wasn't supported. I also noticed...
  10. Barbara P

    Can't "find" Upper Body Split!

    I downloaded Muscle Endurance and Upper Body Split. Muscle Endurance downloaded into iTunes just fine. But UBS opened up in Quick Time and I cannot locate it anywhere on my hard drive. It is not appearing in iTunes at all. I am re-downloading it right now.... I have a Mac laptop and a...
  11. Barbara P

    Cathe is in today's Wall Street Journal

    It's actually an article about Fit TV, and mostly about Sharon Mann, but at the end they say: "The most challenging of all the segments is "Cardio Blast" (9:00 am), whose Cathe Friedrich, a petite-yet-thewy weightlifter, is forever exclaiming: "It's getting warm in here!". She's a veritable...
  12. Barbara P


    YIPPPPPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! They were on my front porch when I got home!!!!! The email said they would be delivered tomorrow, but I got 'em today! THANKS CATHE! Barbara P (in CT)
  13. Barbara P

    Cathe's WONDERFUL Customer Service!!

    I rewound my Cross Trainer Kickbox/Biceps tape today and it broke!! The tape just broke right in half. I tried a couple of other (unimportant) tapes in the VCR and they played just fine, so I don't think it was the VCR. However you can't get just ONE of the CTX 6-pack tapes. So I called Step...