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  1. hwc130

    Optional Countdown Timer

    Maybe this has been suggested, and it's not a suggestion for a new workout, as much as an enhancement to any new workout Cathe puts out. How about an optional graphic workout timer on the bottom of the screen that tells you how much time is left in the workout? Similar to the Shock Cardio...
  2. hwc130

    A Simple Recipe: Mix 1 part Workout with 2 parts Nutrition

    Simple, yes…easy, no. At least it’s not easy for me. I invite anyone who needs a nudge (or a swift kick) in the kitchen to join me on this thread. We’ll share workouts, recipes, successes and stumbles, a little humor, and reach our goals by helping each other. A little bit about me: I...
  3. hwc130

    Strength in Numbers

    Good Friday morning! My thought process behind the name for this thread is this: The more people we have working together toward a common goal, the stronger we are, collectively and individually. I know that I need the support and advice from other people to reach my fitness goals and I hope...