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    Are the classes recorded?

    I won't be able to do them all but don't want to miss anything. Any chance everything can be made available for later viewing like the LIVE classes? Thanks!
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    LITE wardobe

    I want to know too!
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    ICE 2...Who's In?

    Yay! My go-to favorites are Low Impact #2, Boot camp, Metabolic, & Chiseled Lowered Body. Love the flexibility of these workouts. Agree with others on the MM for lower body. Maybe a Hiit on this one? My favorite workouts when short on time combine Step with weights (i.e. Step Bonus on the Low...
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    Cathe's outfits on LIVE

    I would love it if you could identify the outfits and shoes Cathe wears during each LIVE broadcast---especially if recently purchased. I'm always on the lookout for new helps to keep me going. Thanks!
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    Too Much Off the Beat, Not for Me

    I own almost all of Cathe's DVD's, subscribe to live, and I agree. I've done the entire series now and it's my least favorite compilation, largely because of the 'off the beat' issue. I also felt the workouts were rushed and the queuing was off. I personally like music that is timed to the work...
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    Cathe Live Suggestions

    I'm so excited about this. Some of my favorites that I'd love to see more of: xtrain Low Impact HiiT Athletic Training Body Max 2 Tabatas Boot Camp Crossfire Circuit Blast Low Impact workouts I agree with the med ball suggestion. It would be great for the one-on-one workouts to be...