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  1. Barbara P

    Fit tower dvds that came with tower

    I usually like the advanced too, but age and injuries have made me put in the less advanced ones. And I do think it’s good to mix it up. I would love her on demand, but my workout TV is an older one, and in the cellar; there is really no place to set up my laptop and my iPad is too small for me...
  2. Barbara P

    Fit tower dvds that came with tower

    Hi Kim! I have the three DVDs that came with the tower, thanks to a very kind Cathe user...I have a hip injury and back issues and was looking for something shorter. These fit the bill :) I didn’t buy the Fit tower since I have her power tower from a few years ago. The three workouts are Long...
  3. Barbara P

    So excited!

    I was so nervous my first trip (2010) I didn't know anyone! But everyone is very friendly. Nothing to worry about. This will be my 7th :)
  4. Barbara P

    Question for those in Glassboro area

    Hi Marcia! How awesome that you are coming in from Sweden!! You are one dedicated Cathelete! I'm just coming from Connecticut :) I don't know of any sports stores in the area, although I think there is a mall close by and there are stores...This will be my 7th Road Trip. Looking forward to...
  5. Barbara P

    Ready Set Go!

    YAY I got an email from Nancy today that I'm in and have to sign up...but when I follow the link she gave me, I'm getting the same error message I got on sign up day....on my PC and my brand new phone (so there is no history there....) so now I'm not sure what to do. I did email her back.
  6. Barbara P

    Ready Set Go!

    yup I'm #1 on the waitlist. :)
  7. Barbara P

    Ready Set Go!

    well I just heard I'm #1 on the waitlist!!! good news indeed.
  8. Barbara P

    Ready Set Go!

    I got an email saying I was on the waitlist. In fact, I got two of them, probably because I kept refreshing and resubmitting? Even though I got only one screen waitlist message.............. Is there anything else I should to?
  9. Barbara P

    Ready Set Go!

    my credit card wasn't charged :( (the first time I wish I had a charge on it! hahaha) I did send the email and contacted customer service. I wanna see all my wonderful friends! oh and do some kickass workouts :)
  10. Barbara P

    Ready Set Go!

    I'm glad you got in Jesse! I hope I will and see you again in July!
  11. Barbara P

    Ready Set Go!

    Thanks Mona....I tried on two different computers and got the same issue. I wanna cry :(
  12. Barbara P

    Ready Set Go!

    well mine expires 8/20 so obviously that isn't the issue.
  13. Barbara P

    Ready Set Go!

    my info got wiped clean also at one point and I had to enter again. I got two emails with the subject "Purchase Confirmation" but the body of both messages said I'm on the card hasn't been charged.
  14. Barbara P

    Ready Set Go!

    I am beyond pissed. I kept getting Error occurred contact admin. I tried for 10 minutes. Now registration is closed. what happened??????
  15. Barbara P

    Who's in?

    Have fun you guys! I'll miss you all but will be thinking about you :) :)
  16. Barbara P

    3 days to go

    the day after tomorrow! I will be sporting a splint on my broken right middle finger but I wouldn't miss it!
  17. Barbara P

    Who's In??

    I'm in, #41! this will be my 5th Glassboro trip (2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014) and I went to the NYC Eggland event she had in 2009 also. My friend Beth who came with me to the NYC event and also in 2012 and 2013 also got in! Can't wait to see old friends and meet new ones! :D
  18. Barbara P

    Glassboro Road Trip 2013- Thanks for Coming

    Thank you Cathe and crew for once again making us feel special with such a special weekend. The energy is just incredible. Miss everyone already!
  19. Barbara P

    Photos! Share with your new friends here!

    Thanks Cindi! It was great seeing you again! I need to get my pics in a folder and then post a link, I haven't done that yet :o