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  1. adenspilot

    Race Across America--2nd loop

    Can anyone either tell me the answer or link me to the thread for this question? I finally made it all the way across the country and I'm still racking up miles, but I'm not actually moving across the map any more. My rank is changing. The remaining miles is at - (zero). Will I move again...
  2. adenspilot

    Step with Grid

    I have one oft he red step platforms. I love the length but I'm not so in love with the mat on top. It's lasted two years but is showing serious wear and flaking all over the floor during cardio. Does anyone know where I can get my hands on platform with the old style rubberized "lined"...
  3. adenspilot

    Shoulder Click Question

    No injury, no pain. That's the mystery. Just...they click if I have under 8 lbs. on them when I lift.
  4. adenspilot

    Shoulder Click Question

    Awesome. I'll start adding some rotation exercises in a few days a week!
  5. adenspilot

    Shoulder Click Question

    First: I know this is not a substitute for going to the doctor. I just moved and have no job or insurance so I'm hoping someone can just answer a quick question. I have clicking in both of my shoulders when I raise my arms above my head. It doesn't happen all the time and there is no...
  6. adenspilot

    Change of Address??

    I recently moved and will need my preorder sent to my new address. Does anyone know how to change the mailing address?
  7. adenspilot

    Starting over?

    Thanks SNM!
  8. adenspilot

    Starting over?

    I am bumping this thread. I have cleared my cache and tried two different browsers, map is still showing 0 miles.
  9. adenspilot

    Starting over?

    I've been wondering that myself--I finally made it into TX.
  10. adenspilot

    "The List"

    Does anybody else keep a list of DVDs/downloads they own and ones they want? I have a big list I keep on Google Docs that I share with my family around Christmas. I really wish there was a checklist I could use instead of having to manually input them all. Am I missing a secret WM feature?
  11. adenspilot

    RAA return trip?

    I just made it into New Mexico, but the map shows I turned around and am now heading west on 40! What's up? Why am I going back?
  12. adenspilot

    new step questions

    I am looking to pick up a new step. I have one of the old F1009W steps. It is shorter and has no non-skid coating. I am looking at the F1011W to replace it, higher load capacity and non-skit are appealing. Unfortunately online there are some negative reviews for the coating coming off and it not...
  13. adenspilot

    Double Bra?

    Wow this got a lot of hits! The "frog bra" from title 9 was a MC product but it has been discontinued. I will look into the options you guys mentioned and report findings! This month's purchase was new cross trainers (Asics Gel-170, a break from my love affair with their foundation series)...
  14. adenspilot

    Double Bra?

    I am a 36D (used to be able to wear a 32C but have gained weight). My last 2 sports bras are getting pretty raggedy and they no longer make them. I used to adore the frog bra from Title 9 Sports. It really did what it said--held the girls in and kept them there. I plan to make a trip to the...
  15. adenspilot

    I'm stuck in the road

    Me too! I've had a similar issue. Unfortunately, lately I don't even have my little red line telling me how far I've been. It just shows a map! I can say that every time I get stuck, I do eventually move on the map after a few days. My working theory is that the google car hasn't taken...
  16. adenspilot

    my miles are gone

    Same here I'm having the same problem. This happened to me when the RAA first started up, but it never lasted this long. I'm not sure what's up with it. :(
  17. adenspilot

    Just me? RAA problems

    Nevermind it seems to have fixed itself. Thanks anyway.
  18. adenspilot

    Just me? RAA problems

    I'm really excited about Race Across America but I've been seeing some weird changes with totals and distance. In the leader board area it shows I've gone less total distance than in the my progress area--that didn't really bother me until today. Now it shows NO progress at all on the race and I...
  19. adenspilot

    4day split weights ?

    I don't have anything heavier than 20lb dbs. That's both because of the money and the fact that I'm scrawny. You can do most things without a barbell, but you MUST be exceptionally careful about your form. It is really easy to round with heavy dbs during your squats, for example.