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    I am loving ICE - they are PERFECT!!! Thank you so much for doing these.
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    asking a huge favor of someone who lives in or near Costa Mesa, CA

    I found it and love it
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    a good reminder to get your yearly mammogram

    I normally don't like to tell things like this until months or years have past. Because of what has happen to me, I want to tell you and I want you to tell your friends to get their yearly mammogram. I had mine done Oct 9th. My doctor called me and they wanted more views of the left side...
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    RT pics are up

    I have my RT pics up -[email protected]/sets/72157624637394132/ I'm putting the video's on youtube right now - CatheRT2010 - I want those who couldn't make the trip to experience the fun we have...
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    Tower and the Firm barbell

    I got the tower hoping the Firm barbell will work. The Tower is about an inch too wide - you can probably make it work but with heavy weight - questionable. I like the tower and I'm happy I got it. I hope to start STS January 1, 2010, hoping my finger will be healed - having another surgery...
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    a laugh for the day...

    check this out:
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    My small sucess story

    I have worked out for years and it never looked like it. I have lost 20 lbs this year. I went from a size 8 to a size 2. I'm really embarrassed to post the before pictures. :o
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    I don't post much, but here are some pictures of my hard work. I can't wait for STS to arrive. More improvement will be on the way...[email protected]/sets/72157610296008947/
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    Anyone needing a room for Thursday night?

    I have an extra bed for Thursday night only if anyone is arriving and needs a room. You can email me at [email protected] I'm at the Fairfield Inn. Christina