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  1. J

    No Sound in Shop Cathe Video Clips

    Ever since that malware strike affected the boards I haven't been able to hear the sound on the video clips both on the Shop Cathe site as well as the video tab on the main site. The timing is probably coincidental; it is just when I noticed it. Has anyone else been having a problem with the...
  2. J

    Graphic Change: WM Calendar

    Hi, I have a suggestion for a change to the Rotation graphics on the Workout Manager Calendar. When the workouts that are added to the calendar individually they have an abbreviated title with them which is really helpful. On the other hand, workouts planned in the rotation feature then added...
  3. J

    Deleting Multiple Workouts from Calendar

    Hi, Is there are way to delete multiple workouts from the calendar? I want to replace what I already planned out with Cathe's new rotation. On my computer it takes a long time to delete them individually. Thank you very much :) Jamie
  4. J

    Workout Manager Login Not Working

    Hi, I'm having a problem with the Workout Manager login page not allowing me to log in. It says I don't have a real name or password. I can still login on the message board (obviously:rolleyes:) and I can use the login here as a gateway into the Workout Manager. It's a bit of a work around...