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  1. sleepingmom

    Ripped w/ HiiT

    Hi Cathe, The new series sounds great. Have you decided if the two Hiit Circuit DVDs will have high or low impact cardio? I love Cardio Leg Blast, but my knees can't take a lot of high impact any more! Thanks for all you do!
  2. sleepingmom

    Survey results in several parts!

    Thanks to everyone who completed the recent survey about Cathe's Workouts. The results of the survey will follow in the several entries in this new thread. I will separate the results into categories because putting them all in one posting looks ridiculous due to length. I hope this is...
  3. sleepingmom

    Pedal Power Suggestion

    I am an avid user of XT Ride and am looking forward to Pedal Power. Would it be possible to have an audio option to block out the music but let Cathe's cueing come through? While I do like the music in Ride, sometimes I'd like to be able to play my own music while still hearing Cathe's...
  4. sleepingmom

    New Workout Survey Is Up

    Dear All, I created a survey via Survey Monkey to update the Guide to Cathe's Workouts. Guide to Cathe's Workouts Survey. Please click on the link in order to participate in the survey. Please note that the list of Cathe workouts is so long, I had to split them up into two lists for Survey...
  5. sleepingmom

    Workout Guide Update with Survey Monkey

    Hi All, Would you be interested in helping to update the Guide to Cathe's workouts by using Survey Monkey? I was playing around with this survey tool, and I don't think it would be hard for me to do. Just want to make sure there is interest before I spend time on it. Thanks!
  6. sleepingmom

    Original songs from XTrain Ride

    Thanks in advance for anyone who can help me with this! I currently play the XTrain Ride DVD and modify that workout for my elliptical trainer. I would like to create a playlist of the original songs used for the soundalikes that Cathe uses, but I cannot identify what those original songs are...
  7. sleepingmom

    Review: Burn Sets and Tabata 1

    I completed Burn Sets and Tabatacise (tabata 1 only). Burn Sets: overall good workout, but it will take me a few tries to figure out the correct weight to use so that I work to failure by set three of each exercise. I think by now everyone knows the structure of the workout, but just in case...
  8. sleepingmom

    pullover form?

    In the March 18 blog posting, there is a picture of Cathe et al doing a pullover, and it looks like her back is arching up quite a bit. I have been trying to keep my back flat to the bench during pullovers, but this has limited the amount of weight I can use. Is it "okay form" to let my back...
  9. sleepingmom

    this " rotation" worked for me

    I’ve never had much success with rotations, and I have been struggling with my weight for over 25 years. Having said that, I decided to begin again in Jan 2006 trying to get in shape and lose some unwanted poundage. I created a rotation based on types of exercise not so much specific workouts...
  10. sleepingmom

    Checking in on call

    A few weeks ago I asked for suggestions on how to get through a long call shift at the hospital and still maintain healthy eating. Today is my first long call (24 hours) since I asked, so I thought I would check in. We have been incredibly busy, so I haven't had a lot of time to eat. I...
  11. sleepingmom

    Need diet advice for long call shifts

    Dear All, My work requires me to take 17 hour and 24 hour call shifts at the hospital. I usually am pretty faithful to my eating plan at home and during my regular 12-14 hour days at work, but during the overnight/ weekend call shifts when I am literally working 17-24 hours straight, my...