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  1. dixiedog6

    new student and finding time to work out

    I am a nursing student (third week in) and I am finding it so hard to get in workout time. I was wondering if there were any other students or folks out there who just work 12 hour shifts. I would love some advice on how you fit the workouts in. I leave home a 630 am and return at 630pm. TIA
  2. dixiedog6

    BFFM and Cardio

    I purchased Burn the Fat and Feed the Muscle (finally) and I loved it! I learned so much and this book is such an amazing source of information. I get things now that I never understood before. ANyway....I am having so much trouble doing cardio on an empty stomach. I usually always have...
  3. dixiedog6

    Piercing and exercise?

    I have a question that I am sure many of you could help me with. I recently got my belly button pierced and I am going to go back to exercising in the next couple of days. I feel silly for asking, but will vigorous exercise, i.e. high impact cause my piercing to migrate or the hole to stretch...
  4. dixiedog6

    who likes the show "Nurse Jackie"

    I am so wanting to rent and watch all of season one. I am wondering what you all think of it.
  5. dixiedog6

    Is anyone an LPN?

    I am thinking on making a career change and going back to school. What do you like and dislike about your career? TIA
  6. dixiedog6

    DVDS in the future?

    Will you still continue to release DVDs in the future, in addition to the downloads? I really do prefer the DVDS. Thanks