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    Where is Workout Blender for Download Users?

    I have looked at various implementations of playlists before to do this, and had always encountered limitations or just frustrations (especially for streaming to Apple TV). We've used Plex before with PlayOn, but that was some time ago. I need to look at it again. I'm subscription averse, so the...
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    Where is Workout Blender for Download Users?

    If you didn't get the original email with the downloads codes or links, and you aren't getting responses from customer service, is it possible all these emails are ending up in your spam folder? It's something to check. When I preorder digital downloads, I get an email with the code to use to...
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    Where is Workout Blender for Download Users?

    It's video data, so it depends on the time length of the pre-mix you want to make. For me, my favorite pre-mixes that I liked to use over and over from the DVDs were the shorter time saving ones. So, as an example, one of mine is the XTRAIN Bis and Tris, Timesaver Rounds 1-5. It's a little...
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    Where is Workout Blender for Download Users?

    Hi, I know this is an old thread, but thought I'd post the info so that people can find it if they have the same question. I used the desktop Workout Blender app on my Mac until it stopped working due to an out of date library incompatibility. So I worked out an alternative. I'm using Mac based...
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    Upper Body Sculpt in DVD list

    Hi, There's a workout called just "Upper Body Sculpt" in the DVD list in the Workout Manager. What DVD does this correspond to? I'm not seeing anything that matches that particular chapter list, but I would like to find this workout. Thanks.
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    Download link for XTrain

    My coupon code arrived at the same time I got my order receipt email, in a separate email, same as with previous preorders. Email subject was "Your Cathe Pre-Sale Download Coupon". I save them in a place of honor until I pull down the downloads :cool:.
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    Problems importing to workout blender

    In Lion, the user Library folder is hidden by default, so to see it, you have to change it to non-hidden. Otherwise, it looks like it is not there. Here are some instructions: Show User Library Directory in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion The "cathe" folder for me is in ~/Library/Preferences. Linda
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    STS bundle download-what's included?

    I was told by Customer Service some time back that the Extended Stretch was included in the bundle but that Ab Circuits was not. Linda
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    Import never completes...

    Are you guys deleting all three of the folders mentioned above? Workout Blender Files, Workout Blender Videos, and the Preferences/Cathe folders? And then emptying the trash before trying to run again?
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    Import never completes...

    Okay, that didn't work, but I'll mention what did. I went into ~/Library/Preferences and deleted the cathe.plist and the cathe folder (and then emptied my trash again). Then I was able to bring up Workout Manager and the import worked this time. I'm off and running!
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    Import never completes...

    Sorry - not sure what you mean about verifying where the workout is. I'm dragging the video from my workouts folder to the workout blender. It actually shouldn't matter where it is that I'm dragging from. I haven't even gotten to the point where I can create a new workout yet (which will be...
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    Import never completes...

    When I try to import any videos, the "Importing Your Cathe Video..." popup comes up, but the import never completes. This is happening with any of my Cathe videos. I'm running this on a quad-core Mac Pro, 4GB RAM, with Snow Leopard 10.6.4, and terabytes of free space on my disk.
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    Download the Workout Blender

    Yes, you drag them from the finder window to the workout blender. It does not move the actual video files.
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    How to get to purchased Cathe video on computer

    It's a finder window. Just open Finder and go to your videos folder. Drag from the finder window to the workout blender.
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    Loving my new Ipad

    Linda - you could buy and use the keyboard dock, or you can connect a bluetooth keyboard. I connected my old bluetooth keyboard I used to use with my Palms, and it works fine. However, the onscreen keyboard actually works pretty well at the ipad size. Linda
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    Workout manager workout on post?????

    Is there any way to control which friends see the Workout Manager postings from my workouts? E.g. I don't want to publish my workouts to all of my friends, but just a select group of them.
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    I saw something at the gym last night I'd never seen before.....

    This guy was before Mary, and I think it was 1991 or so (right after I started at Intel). But in thinking about it, I think he wasn't married, so it might have been a different guy. Yeah, I remember the guy who used to gawk in class. I think that's why he took the class! :rolleyes...
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    I saw something at the gym last night I'd never seen before.....

    Linda - was this the guy at Nautilus/Bally next to CO4??? I remember the guy who used to teach there in the early 1990s! He had a very dead ahead step class, and was a nice level of energy, so I liked it. Did not do complicated stuff, but was fun. Can't remember his name, though. He's the...
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    STS Discount Bundle in Digital Downloads

    Hi - I was wondering if the STS Discount Bundle in the Digital Downloads includes the STS Extended Stretch and the STS Abs Circuits videos? Or is it just the 40 main STS disks? thanks! Linda
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    Reebok Weight Plates

    Janie - thanks! I know Walmart doesn't have the Reebok plates, but they do have some Cap Barbell plates that I'll go take a look at and see if I like them. Linda - Got your email :D. Replied too, but forgot that it's the address you don't monitor! Yes, trying to get ready to start STS...