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  1. Kitterfly

    Welcome back cathe:)!! Into my life

    Finally :') !!!! Thank you!!!! What a long road . I did body max 2 step only on 4 inch for the time in forever . I used to kick this DVDs butt lol. I lost 60lbs with cathe. Then got sick last may. Diagnosed with a lung disease :(. And asthma. Have been getting better. Then lost the love of my...
  2. Kitterfly

    10 year anniversary today just me

    Today is my 10 year wedding anniversary. Yesterday marked the day that my husband passed away 3 months ago. It throws one brain for a loop. I would not say the days have gotten easier but with each day I have learned to cope more. Life is unexplainable now. I do wish he more than words was...
  3. Kitterfly

    Lost- the loss of one you love

    My life. My love. A piece of me. He is gone now. And no words can express what that means. What do I even say? My husband passed away so suddenly and without warning Sunday of a aortic rupture. He was only 36. I have not posted anywhere yet. I feel I can here because it is " somewhat" less...
  4. Kitterfly

    Asthma trouble etc whining

    Can't believe it's been 4 months. Darn it. I miss doing cathe :(. I just started a running program and was doing hiit and I was into STS 1 :(. Then I got a dang cold. Then a cough etc etc blah blah blah wait wait wait. Now they say I have asthma and something called Bronchiectasis which sounds...
  5. Kitterfly

    Does a spin bike make any noise?

    Just wondering?got a new one and am a newbie. The flywheel seems to be making a thumping type sound just wanted to know if this was normal or if it needs some lube?
  6. Kitterfly

    ironman spinning bike anyone have one?

    I saw this bike at costco was $489 then $399 now today on sale for $199!!!! If you have this one any info on how you like it would be great. Thanks ( Im a complete newbie to spinning stuff):D
  7. Kitterfly

    Just finished sts disc 1, 1Rm?

    :eek: I just finished disc 1 wasnt really excepting to start this week but thought what the heck! wow my arms are talking to me;). I noticed that with some of my 1rm they were to light, should I redo the 1 rm for these? If some of them were to heavy should I redo these or try harder or go to...
  8. Kitterfly

    Green smoothie recipes

    I just started making these and would love to know some of your favorites! could you please post some of yours thanks! :D
  9. Kitterfly

    Fitness and weight loss goals

    I was reading the forums and was inspired by others weight loss and fitness goals. Whats has everyone done this last year to be proud of?!!!!!:p For me so far- 52lbs lost:eek: able to do a few " man pushups": never thought I would beable to :D When I walk/ran 5 k on my treadmill for...
  10. Kitterfly

    Making own plate/pace weights dumbbells

    I've been doing some reading in the forums and saw some mention on plate/pace weights?, weighted magnets that can be put on dumbbells to increase their weight. Has anyone made their own? I went to the craft store got some powerful magnets, put them on my small 1.25 and 2.5 lb metal barbell...
  11. Kitterfly

    Doc says take it easy on the knees

    hi! So in your opinion what exercises are hardest on the knees? I have been having alot of knee pain esp. with bending! Had them xrayed and the Dr. didnt find anything shes says take it easy, back way off on working out or none at all until I can see the physical therapist. ugh:( It...
  12. Kitterfly

    12 calorie 5 fiber Scandinavian Bran Crispbread

    I was watching the Dr. Oz show and he rec. a scandinavian bran crispbread product. Its like a cracker, 12 calories per slice and has 5 grams of fiber per slice!! I got mine today, it tastes like dry crunchy cardboard. I tried putting some in yogurt, kinda like using granola, but doesnt add...
  13. Kitterfly

    gym style weights differ from slow heavy?

    just had a quick question :D i new to all this so please forgive me if the the answer is obvious:p- i have done slow and heavy for a rotation or two. I just got gym style arms and noticed that I cant lift nearly as much as I could in slow and heavy? for example say chest press- i could do say...
  14. Kitterfly

    Gym style arms or sts?

    So I have been debating to whether or not to get the two gym style arm dvds or get the 1st sts series? I have done gym legs, butts and gutts, upper and lower body pyramids and muscle max, and the step dvds like low max, lic, and cardio wts amd imax 2, kick punch crunch, drill max , some of...
  15. Kitterfly

    1 small step 1 big smile

    :D its a big thing to me but for the first time in my life of 33 years i can do a PUSH UP a regular one, its only 1 or 2 but hey it works for me YIPPEEE Thank you CATHE!!!!:eek:
  16. Kitterfly

    easy step dvd

    :p okay so i love cathe's dvds, and am getting more and more into them as my body allows . I would Really love to do more of the step dvds but I am So choreography challenged. I just got low impact circiut and can do that okay and really like it alot but just kinda stood there watching low max...