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  1. garance

    Cardio Boxing Bootcamp 315

    I really loved this one. I did the whole thing--7 rounds and ends with sit-ups and pushups, but I could imagine doing a shorter version of 3 or 4 rounds (it's 54 minutes) and fast-forwarding to the stretch. I would say high intermediate on this one.
  2. garance

    Jabs and Abs--Yikes!

    I tried this one today and I think the Abs workout is one of Cathe's toughest. My abs still hurt. So, if you are looking for a great abs workout, try this one. The Jabs part of the workout builds from fairly easy to a sweat-fest by the end.
  3. garance

    cataract surgery

    In June I had cataract surgeries and I am blown away by the results. I had IOL lenses to replace the cloudy ones, and I no longer have to wear glasses! I have been wearing glasses since I was in kindergarten, and hard contact lenses since I was 15, together with reading glasses since age 40. I...
  4. garance

    Lower body barre and weights

    Shocked at my doms from this one. I just decided to do all live this week and random choices and tried this one. It did not seem tough but WOW my hamstrings are sore.
  5. garance

    Cosmetic procedures

    Has anyone tried Sculptra? I have a friend who has done this and she really looks wonderful. It took three months with three injections in her cheeks. No bruising and no down time. I was really impressed.
  6. garance

    Outside Voices exercise wear?

    Has anyone here tried this brand? It's a bit pricey, but I think I would like to try it after reading an article in the New Yorker about the woman who started the company. I am especially enamored with the little one-piece dresses that include shorts. My shorts and tops with a shelf bra from...
  7. garance

    What are your favorites and why?

    I did Body Works this morning and I think this must be about the 5th or 6th time. I love it because the cardio is easy to modify to low or very modest impact, everything gets worked on the weights, tubing, and slide disk and fire walker band, and Cathe takes plenty of water breaks. Also, no...
  8. garance

    Body Weight and Bands with 6 pack abs 2

    I really enjoyed this workout today! What I appreciate about both the band workout and this abs routine is that they are "just right"--like the story of Goldilocks and the 3 bears. Cathe takes you to a nice burn and then stops right before you're ready to say too much and stop or put the workout...
  9. garance

    Core work on Total Body Giant Sets #2

    Am I the only one who cannot get up on my knee in those crazy situps Cathe does to start the giant set for core? I felt like my legs were flying in crazy directions.
  10. garance


    I had the first of my two shots on Friday, and was really achy all over for 24 hours. Felt great today, though. Anyone else with experience on this vaccination?
  11. garance

    loved Fit Tower Light!

    I did this one today and really enjoyed the pacing and difficulty. I would characterize this one as intermediate. Cathe gives you some relief with intermittent water breaks and stretches. It was perfect. I will definitely be doing this one again. Oh, and I have the old tower, but there are only...
  12. garance

    Premixes for upper body?

    I have all of Cathe's dvds, but before my knee replacement I never explored the premixes. I am now doing Leslie Sansone for my cardio in addition to PT after 8 weeks and alternating with some upper body weights, but I would really like to know if there are some Cathe upper body premixes I could...
  13. garance

    knee replacement?

    Has anyone here had a knee replacement? I am scheduled for one on October 3 (after several years of nursing it along with cortisone shots) and wonder if I will ever do Cathe again after rehab.
  14. garance

    Fit and Firm live

    This is one of my favorite live workouts. No dread factor, minimal equipment (5s, 10s, and a resistance band), under 50 minutes, and plenty of water breaks. I would say it is intermediate, but suitable for beginners if you choose lighter weights. I do this one as a lighter weight workout when I...
  15. garance

    Pentagenarians and Beyond W/B 10/11

    Hi everyone-- This morning I did the legs with contrast training and the premix with intermittent abs (53:10). Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday weekend. It's beautiful here with gorgeous foliage, and it's even going up into the 70s tomorrow. DH and I had a lovely anniversary dinner last...
  16. garance

    premix on legs with blasts dvd

    I tried to do the premix that included the whole workout plus core 1, and after the warmup and the first set of 24 squats and the blast, it immediately went to the core workout. Has anyone else had this problem, or is it just a defect on my dvd??
  17. garance

    Pentagenarians and Beyond Week beg 7/28

    Hi everyone-- Since Deb hasn't started us off, I thought I would. This is so unusual, I hope Deb is okay (?). This morning I did XTrain legs barre, ball, chair, and floorwork (48:33). I also took Max for a walk last night. Yesterday was beautiful here, so I managed to do housemax and...
  18. garance

    Pentagenarians and Beyond W/B 3/27

    Hi Deb, Josie, Joan, Cathy, and Valerie-- This morning I did Rockin' Models (70 min.). My legs feel like rubber after this one. I hope everyone is having a great weekend. I did Housemax yesterday, and it was very much needed after I played hooky last weekend. I'm plodding along through...
  19. garance

    Pentagenarians and Beyond W/B June 27

    Hi everyone! I think I am the first to post, so I will get things started. This morning I did disk 25 meso 3 for chest and back (68 min.). I'm using my new 25s and I feel the difference. Yesterday, I went to see Dance Theatre of Harlem Ensemble at Jacob's Pillow. Really enjoyed them...
  20. garance

    Pentagenarians & Beyond WB 5/23

    Hi gals-- I am starting this week because I suspect Deb is in the wild blue yonder and won't be back for a few days. This morning I did STS disk 13 for ch, sh, tris (65 min.). Boring weekend for me. I did Housemax yesterday and then came to campus for the afternoon. Just gave an exam...